Ages and Stages

making and sustaining breakthroughs in consciousness


Physicists tell us the evolution of the cosmic material world began with the “Big Bang” and has been evolving ever since.  As you read this, new universes are being born, some much like our own, others quite different.  Yet all are evidencing some form of life.  Stars and systems of stars populate these universes, a number of these stars most likely supporting planets able to support life as we know it, others with atmospheres that are incompatible or in stages of infancy or old age.  Some are currently appearing as masses of volcanic eruptions, compilations of gases, gigantic balls of ice or as once vibrant planets in the process of being consumed by the red giant stars formerly supporting their lives.  Despite these appearances, each are evolving, even if this evolution seems to be leading to their ultimate demise. 

According to radiometric dating, our planet, Earth, was formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago by accretion from a solar nebula, a disc shaped mass of dust and gas left over from the formation of our sun.  Originally it was in a volcanic state, but eventually its outer layer cooled to form a solid crust.  Over the hundreds of millions of years that have passed since, a great many geologic stages have come and gone on our planet, each impacting Earth’s atmosphere in a way that caused it to take on greater, more complex forms of life, these forms evolving slowly or mutating suddenly until man appeared.  Earth’s scientists have been able to track man’s evolution from its primitive organic origins, through its amphibious appearances to the pre-historic beginnings that ultimately led him to become rational enough to grapple with spiritual and scientific ideas.  But regardless of the depth and breadth of their scientific research and the speculative theories they have proposed, they have yet to actually identify the cause of the great leaps forward that allowed pre-historic man to mutate to his present physical form and state of consciousness.  Which motivates us to look beyond their current methods of investigation, one choice being to investigate evolution from the vantage point of timelessness.


From the vantage point of timelessness there is no beginning or end to the grand universe of being, nor any of the lesser universes making up this grand universe, nor, incredible as it may seem, an actual beginning or end to the expressions populating these universes, including the unique expressions appearing as us.  From the vantage of timelessness, all that is, is, this is-ness forever bursting forth from the wellspring of Being in new and glorious ways.  In other words, Being, the eternal Life-Force behind all creation, is forever revealing Itself in brand new ways, every revelation appearing as a new creation.  The question is: how are we experiencing this new creation?  How conscious are we of the impact Life is having on our being and experience?  If we are fully conscious of our connection with Life, one with Life, we will be spontaneously morphing in tandem with Life’s creative impulse.  To whatever degree we are not aware of our connection with Life, it will appear as if we are not taking on the newness Life is offering, inadvertently limiting our experience of life.  The extent of this limitation is determined by the degree of our disconnect, this, in turn, determined by the distance seeming to separate us from our true Source.  If this distance appears to be great, it could seem to take eons for us to respond to Life’s creative impulsions.  As we reduce the distance appearing to separate us from Source, we not only respond to Life’s impulses more quickly and fully, but are able to enjoy the greater abundance Life intends for us.  Our journey back to our conscious connection with Source can appear to be gradual or come in sudden bursts of illumination, but either way it will come, for Life never loses touch with the expression of its being.  God is never separate from its creation.  All that has drifted into an unconscious or semi-conscious state is destined to awaken to its divine connection.  The prodigal, so to speak, is destined to return to its heavenly estate, for, in truth, it has never left.  We have never, in reality, been separated from Life or the ever-renewing nowness of being.  Right now, on some deeply conscious core level, we are experiencing ourselves anew, enjoying everything this newness is bringing to our life.

Journeying from time to timelessness

As the consciousness of man has been awakening to the timeless state man enjoys at core, it appears he has been undergoing a series of shifts, each shift enabling man to see and experience life from a larger, more holistic, inclusive frame of reference, the larger the frame of reference the more spontaneous, creative, timeless and full his experience became.  When man was barely conscious of Life, the distance between him and Life was so great, eons and eons seemed to pass while he responded to the creative impulses Life was sending him.  Time loomed large.  Progress was slow, very very slow.

Inevitably progress was made though.  Man left his primitive state behind, becoming conscious of the natural world around him, developing a relationship with this world, his life altering and improving as a result.  With each shift his way of life became less primitive and harsh.  Soon he  began to bond with others of his species, forming clans to aid his survival, clans that eventually morphed into tribes that eventually morphed into nations.

In the process man has, at key points, found himself hitting the ceiling of his current paradigm, state or stage, feeling discomforted by the constrictions it was imposing on his life.  This is still going on.  As our awareness of Life is expanding, as we begin to outgrow the paradigm, state or stage we are in, we eventually find ourselves hitting one of these ceilings, seeing through it if we are clear enough, yet often failing to actually move through it into the higher paradigm, stage or state of life we have seen is possible.  Why, when the glimpse of life we’ve seen is so much brighter and fuller and more satisfying than the life we are living now?  Mostly because it isn’t real enough to us yet.  It’s hard to make big changes and sustain these changes if our vision hasn’t grown strong enough to convince us it is real.  Good or bad, full or narrow, the status quo is what we are used to.  It’s familiar, comfortable, somewhat predictable.  Whereas the new is unfamiliar and, therefore, a bit scary.  Yet, as mentioned above, since Life is impelling our growth and the changes it is bringing to our lives, they will occur sooner or later.  So why put them off?  Why not do whatever it takes to not only see through the glass ceiling into the higher paradigm, state or stage, but actually move through it and take up residence there, enjoying the fuller sense of life it has to offer?

Fabulous things happen when we decide to do this, committing ourselves to it in spite of the temptation to sink back into the easy chair of our current state of existence.  They happen because we are committing ourselves to progress, our own and the world’s, realizing this progress can only bring blessings in its wake.  In committing ourselves to progress, we are committing ourselves to the Life Force that brings about this progress.  We are choosing to move forward, choosing to focus on and receive the impressions coming to us from Life, desiring to know more about them, to explore how they will change our lives.  We are choosing to put our reservations aside and adopt these changes, allowing Life to push us forward without resisting or putting up mental or emotional barriers that spring from the fear of having to let go of some cherished belief or way of life.  We will open our hearts to the infinite progressions of Life, receiving them fearlessly, moving forward courageously.  If required, we will toss caution to the wind, break through the barriers and leap into the new paradigm, state or stage Life is ushering us into, staying there as long as we can, even if it’s just for a few moments at first, trusting if we do, these moments will turn into minutes that will eventually turn into hours, days, weeks and years. We can rise to the occasion.  We can find the strength within to stay the course, regardless of the temptation to back away when tested.  We have it in us to pass these tests.  For, in reality, they are opportunities to demonstrate our understanding of Life and its infinite progressions.

Every progressive move we make expands our experience and brings us closer to Life.  Every progressive move prepares us for the next and the next and the next.  Small shifts turn into big ones until ultimately we find ourselves crossing the divide between dimensions, moving from the familiarity of three dimensional life to a four dimensional life and beyond, leaving time and space behind.  How amazing it that!  How phenomenal to know we have it within us to make these breakthroughs in consciousness, are even programmed to make them.  So please take heart.  Leave the comfort of outworn ways behind and leap into the unknown, letting Life guide and protect you every step of the way.  Spread your wings and take flight.  Soar from one paradigm, state or stage to another until you find yourself entering the timelessness of the next dimension.  Move into its greater silence, its greater joy, its higher vibration and sense of fulfillment.  Be what you are meant to be.  Live as you are meant to live. 

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