The Angel Within

Think of what it would be like to be an angel, a real angel, filled with luminous white Light and the knowledge and purity that comes of being one with God, one with the Supreme Infinite Being that brought us all into existence. Think of how amazing it would be to be fully illumined, fully aware of the answers to all of life’s mysteries, every question answered, every direction perfectly clear.  Imagine what it would be like to live in a realm of everlasting all-encompassing Love, so filled with Love’s presence every life you touched was instantly enriched with God’s glory and grace.  Imagine what would it be like to be this angel, this messenger of God’s intentions and blessings, this harbinger of goodness, harmony and peace.

Believe it or not, you can know what it is to be this angel.  All you have to do is turn within, moving deeply into the stillness that permeates the core of your being.  For an angel dwells in this stillness, your angel, the guardian angel that watches over you from morning till night, protecting you, guiding you, whispering in your ear.  You may or may not be aware of its presence, but I assure you it is there, witnessing all that is happening in your life, neither approving nor disapproving, simply observing.  You may think of this angelic presence in other terms, perhaps as your conscience or soul or your Christ or Buddha consciousness.  However you identify it, it is the very essence of you, the real you, the selfless saintly you that has never fallen from grace or departed from its heavenly home.  Realizing this changes your life in the most amazing ways.  For the saintly presence dwelling within you has never lost touch with the Supreme Being that conceives and generates life, renewing, revitalizing and refreshing this life throughout eternity.  It is, therefore, immortal, as are you, once you allow yourself to refold into its holy presence. 

Then, like your angel, you will be fully enlightened, no part of your consciousness drifting in the darkness of a dream, believing it has a separate mind from the Mind of God.  You will be filled with Light and the divine information Mind imparts to its creation, receiving and processing this information without the need of words or linear thought.  Then, and even now as you draw closer to the angelic essence of your being, transmissions from this holy Mind dawn upon your understanding, imparting ideas, images and insights that heighten your awareness, giving you a broader understanding of yourself and the world you live in.  They dawn because the stillness allows you to hear the divine messages your angelic essence is receiving from On High. 

However, do not be surprised if the brain-mind initiating the noise in your head, heart and body puts up a fight.  It will.  For it does not wish to be silenced or lose its hold on you.  It will do everything in its power to keep you ensnared in its dramas, filling your mind with as many fascinating and fearful thoughts and images as it can.  Yet I assure you, you can beat it at its game.  Simply take a deep breath, then another and another, gently pulling your attention from its dramatic scenarios to the stillness that lies beneath them, surrendering into this stillness until the dramas lose their potency and sting.  Throughout the ages, many have found ways to help themselves detach from the disquieting thoughts and images bombarding them: conscious breathing, yoga, the beauty of nature, uplifting music, creative activity, silent prayer and the practice of one of the many forms of meditation to name but a few.  Trust that your angelic essence will lead you to the ones that work best for you, impelling you to engage in them often so you can more easily detach from the dramas when they raise their hydra heads, which they will as long as your brain-mind is in control.

Trust and let your angel draw you into the stillness, embracing the wordless communication your intuition is receiving, paying close attention, following where it leads.  It will not steer you wrong.  For it is untainted by the impositions of the material world and has the capacity to unveil solutions your brain-mind is not aware of.  Trust your intuition, allowing it to give you these solutions.  Open your heart to the angel sending them, inviting its purity and goodness to wash through your being, cleansing you of anything poisoning your atmosphere, any negativity or draw toward materiality, duality or evil.  Invite it to help you discern what is real and of lasting value.

Invite it to enliven your spiritual sense, subduing the insensitivity and mortal sensibility your ego is imposing.  Invite it to draw you into deep center, where you are one with your angelic essence as well as the Supreme Being feeding and fueling your essence, one with the LifeForce showering you with divine insights, inspiration, calm and the deep state of joy that cannot be taken from you by person or circumstance.  Invite its governing Principle to orchestrate your life, revealing the direction it desires you to take.  Allow this divine Principle to infuse you with honesty and integrity and the ability to assess situations rightly and without personal prejudice.   

Be as present with this divine Principle as your angelic essence is, noting the changes taking place in your being and experience.  Notice the developing wisdom replacing your ignorance and false beliefs.  Notice the positivity and goodness replacing your negativity and expectation of evil.  Notice how the joy, calm, balance and spiritual sense that are natural to your angelic essence are helping you overcome the sorrow, depression, frustration, agitation and imbalance that stems from the self-serving, self-pitying ego.  Invite it to help you discover the real you, the you that is and has ever been one with God, one with the Supreme Infinite Being that organizes and regulates the action of all that comprises its universe. 

Open yourself to the flow of Life, letting it infuse you with new life, new energy, creativity and the constant inclination to progress.  Invite the fully enlightened angel that lives at your core to awaken you, to help you become consciously conscious, so aware of the Truth that error can no longer disrupt or control your experience of life.  Invite it to help you become more holistic, whole, not subject to disease or destruction or the countless effects of losing touch with the true Source of your being.  Invite the angel within to bring you into a state of fulfillment and peace and love and the unity that comes of being consciously present within the oneness of Being’s being.  Be one with your angel, no breach between its holy presence and your own.  You are destined to be angelic.  Why not fulfill your destiny now?

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