Awakening to our Divine Potential

We are divine.  At core we are divine.  We are the image and likeness of God, the image and likeness of the eternal, divine, supreme and infinite Being that made all that was made.  We, therefore, must reflect the nature of God, reflect God’s qualities and abilities.  They must be our innate qualities and abilities, whether we are conscious of them at this moment or not.  They exist at some deep level of our being, ready to rise to our conscious awareness.  It is only a matter of waking from the belief that we’ve fallen, to whatever degree, into an unconscious or semi-conscious state in which we are inventing our own reality, creating images in our mind that fascinate us, luring us into their world, a make-believe world, a world of dreams.

We can wake from this dream world.  We can wake from the illusionary world we’ve inadvertently created, reclaiming the reality and identity that is rightfully ours.  We can and we will.  It is inevitable.  For the divine, fully enlightened, consciousness within us is insisting we reclaim its existence.  And it won’t rest until we have.  It will exert all of its dynamic power to this end, insisting we recognize who we really are, insisting we rediscover and reactivate all that lies dormant within us, that we recognize and utilize our divine potential.

I would thereby encourage you to surrender to this dynamic transformative power, letting it expand your awareness, shifting it into more comprehensive models of understanding.  I would encourage you to yield.  For if you resist you will suffer.  Not because it wants you to suffer or even knows anything about your suffering, but because Light, by its very nature, always wipes out darkness, obliterating all the shadow forms it contains.  It is no different with the Light of our divine consciousness.  It will ultimately wipe out the shadow forms of our dreams, so it is pointless to hang on to them.

This being so, I would ask you to suspend your belief of being mortal for a moment and let the light that dwells within your immortal being guide you into the full recognition of the amazing individual you truly are.  Let it show you how to reengage the essence of the real you, how to bring it forth as you move through your day, how to fulfill your potential.

Let the eternal Mind that conceived and programed you rekindle your ability to access its all-knowing, all-seeing, all-hearing intelligence.  Let it guide and inform and inspire you.  Let it be your mind, the only mind that creates ideas and images in your thought.  Let its creative power dictate and enhance your intentions and actions.  Let it give you insight, vision, reason and wisdom, all of which belong to you at core.

Let the divine Spirit permeate the entirety of your heart, bringing out your natural purity, goodness, kindness and benevolence.  Let it remove every negative impulse, cast out every base or materialistic tendency, freeing the natural flow of positive energy that exudes from the essence of your being.  Let it heal every heartache and disappointment, help you expect the best, no matter what.  Let it lead you into the deep silent sanctuary within, that sanctuary of inner understanding in which you naturally perceive higher states and stages of reality, each altered perception changing the way you experience life.

Let the supreme Soul of Being bring forth your true spiritual identity, enlivening all the characteristics that define who you really are, each divine characteristic dispelling an aspect of the mortal ego that has you in its grip.  Let it disempower this ego, this little “i” that would imbalance and polarize your life, bringing you the balance and calm that comes with true selflessness.  Let it be your true Self, your only Self, the indwelling Self that resounds with understanding and the innate capacity to be continually stable, free, content, intact and truly happy.

Let the infinite Principle that governs and regulates the universe, govern and regulate the universe of your innermost and outermost being.  Turn to it.  Rely upon it.  Let it dictate the highest options for your day, your life.  Find your intrinsic at-one-ment with the divine structure, system and organization of this Principle, letting it transform your sense of being an isolated person in a fragmented world to one of being united with all in everlasting harmony, indivisible from the basic integrity that lends honesty to every one and everything, indivisible from the powerful force that enables your every activity to be effortless and purposeful.  Let it give you dignity, honor and the highest, most united foundation upon which to model your life.

Let the omnipotent Life of Being flow into your life, renewing and refreshing it, energizing and revitalizing every living aspect of your being, on every level, in every dimension.  Let it keep you in the ever-present now, free from the disturbing memories and images of the past and the imagined terrors of the future.  Be a now oriented being, spontaneous, innovative, forward moving and supportive of the good efforts of others.  Find that deep place within you that is ever privy to the vibrant energy of life.  Enjoy utilizing this energy.  Enjoy life.  Embrace every opportunity, even the ones that seem like challenges.  Be new.  Be willing to let Life recreate you every moment.

Let the omniscient Truth of Being be your truth, your guide to dissolving all the dreamscapes clouding your conscious understanding.  Let it pour its Light into all the dark caverns of your consciousness, clearing all the mistakes and faulty constructs imperiling your well-being.  Let it bring you health, spiritual, emotional and physical health.  Let it transform you, enable you to shift into more expansive paradigms, deeper, more accurate frameworks of observation and understanding.  Let it awaken you to your angelic being, transmuting you until there is nothing left of you but your angelic presence, your fully enlightened, divinely transparent, Christ consciousness. 

Let the all-embracing omnipresence of Love awaken you to the union you have with it and all creation.  Let it shore up anything within you that could make you feel separate from the rest of universe, anything inducing you to believe you are isolated and alone in a world predisposed to reject or harm you.  Let Love reassure you.  Let its motherly care dissolve your loneliness and fear as it reaches through the dimensions to where you are, saving you from the nightmares haunting your dreams.  Let it wake you to the blessed oneness that envelopes your being, filling you with awe and wonder and grace. Let it bring you peace.

If you can, if you are willing to open yourself to this divinely transformative process, your life will be blessed in more ways than you can imagine.  If you can override your resistance, opening your mind and your heart to higher consciousness, regardless of the temptations bidding you to do otherwise, you will not be sorry.  For every breakthrough you make is bringing you closer to the realization of your divine potential, closer to embodying the heavenly nature God has given you.  It is accelerating your conscious understanding, altering and healing your predisposition to illness, saving you from the battery of unconscious and subconscious beliefs that have buried you in a sea of woe.  It is transforming your suffering into joy, your negativity into positivity, your illusions into the illumined ideas and images pouring forth from the intelligence that gives rise to creation.  Discover your divine potential, blessing yourself and mankind.

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