Becoming Enlightened

Becoming enlightened.  Becoming the sage we are destined to become.  An unattainable goal?  A possibility?  A reality?  It all depends upon us, on our willingness to transform, our willingness to take the inner journey that will expand our awareness and rekindle the wisdom that lies at our core.  It depends on our willingness to move from the superficial level of our being to deeper and deeper levels, altering our mind-set as we touch into these deeper levels, altering the thoughts we carry around in our minds, the feelings in our hearts and the emotions and limited physical sense perceptions that keep us glued to a shallow version of who and what we are.  It depends on our willingness to exchange these thoughts, feelings and emotions for the purer ideas, feelings and  spiritual senses that flow from On High, imbibing them so fully we become more than we ever dreamed we could be. 

It depends on our willingness to access the divine intelligence that will ultimately allow us to become the wise enlightened sage we are meant to be.  It means opening our heart to all that is spiritual, in fact, to Spirit itself, letting Spirit so capture our attention, the material world seems a poor substitute.  It means giving up our private ego, the “little i” that, left unchecked, would rule us from morning till night, keeping us buried in a predominately physical, imbalanced and self involved state.  It means giving up our personal sense of ourselves, our sense that we are the center of the universe and that everything revolves around us.  It is exchanging our mortal sense of life for the higher strata of energy that leads to immortality, prioritizing the awakening of our consciousness, shifting into higher states, stages and paradigms as we awaken.  It is entering a state of oneness where we sense our connection with all the forms of life.  To become enlightened we must set out on this spiritual journey.

Are we ready to do this?  Are we ready to rediscover the wise spiritual sage that lives deep inside us, to know what it knows, feel what it feels, sense what it senses?  Are we ready to move into its holy habitation, living there as we live out our daily lives?  Are we prepared to give it our all, to prioritize enlightenment above all else, prepared to let the veils fall from our eyes until we gain an entirely new perspective of life? 

If we are, we will follow the urgings of the wise sage that lives inside us, letting it guide us toward a deeper understanding of reality and the true nature of being.  If not, we will attempt to avoid these urgings, prolonging the inevitable.  Either way, we will eventually travel down this spiritual road.  For the sage that lives at our core wants us to become enlightened and it will never give up until we are.  It will whisper in our ear, knock on our door and shake up our lives until we regain the wisdom it offers, becoming more creative, spiritual and joyful in the process.

We will cross many bridges when we finally decide to embark on this journey.  Each crossing will take us nearer to the realm of metaphysical ideas, the contemplation of these ideas bringing us closer to the God-consciousness our sage-self knows and enjoys. 

Each crossing will find us entering terrains of greater stillness, a stillness that seeps into our being, quieting us so we can hear the soft gentle voice of our sage-consciousness, counseling us, helping us gain greater clarity and focus, greater purity and spirituality. 

We will hear it imploring us to pay attention to the nature of our thoughts, to discard the negative ones and hold on to the positive ones, ultimately exchanging these for divine ideas, the timeless spaceless ideas that define God and our God-like consciousness.  We will understand that these ideas have the power to change the current state of our consciousness and, with it, our lives and the lives of others.  For each is not only a quality of God, but a quality of our being, a quality that grows as we open our mind and heart to its spiritual value, letting this value wash through us, purifying our nature, refreshing our spirit, repairing our troubled or broken heart. 

As these timeless spiritual qualities infiltrate our being they create an atmosphere of hope and faith, gratitude and forgiveness.  They deepen our understanding, opening it to the sacredness of our true selfhood, our Soul, to the calm, balanced, secure and intact sense of our self that is undisturbed by the psyche and physical input.  They help us reconnect with our sage-self and through this connection with the God-consciousness it reflects.  They open us up to the transformative power of this God-consciousness, allowing it to alter our being, to transform every part of us, giving us a greater sense of integrity, honesty and a willingness to yield to the God-force directing us, allowing it to control and govern our life. 

As this connection grows stronger we begin to experience a fuller sense of life, a lively, more vital and creative sense of life.  We feel as if Life Itself is renewing and refreshing every part of our being, that we are experiencing its powerful reenergizing flow.  As our connection deepens we become ever more conscious, more awake and aware of the Truth that lies at our core, healing of every kind bearing witness to this Truth and the consciousness of wholeness realized within us.  We are at peace.  For we are entering the unified field of Love where all live in grace and eternal harmony.

So do take this journey.  Become enlightened.  Let your consciousness awaken to the deep truths that lie dormant within you.  Cross the divide until you reconnect with your spiritual sage and through this connection, with the God-consciousness of your being.  Open yourself to its transformative power.  You will not be sorry.  For no good purpose is served by holding on to ignorance and false beliefs or the lower states of reality and self serving egos that support them.  Be brave.  Let in the Light of Truth.  Let it dissolve the darkness shrouding your consciousness, revealing the higher reality your heart is aching to find.  Your journey may be easy or difficult depending on your resistance, but either way you will be blessed.  For Love will be embracing you every step of the way, leading and guiding you home. 

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