Being Born Into Spirit

Every moment we are born anew.  Every moment we are closing the gap between ourselves and Spirit, reentering the heavenly realm that is our true home.  If we are doing this consciously, every moment will feel blessed, our hearts celebrating the goodness abounding in our lives.  If, on the other hand, we are unconscious of the divine impulse drawing us toward spiritual center and are inadvertently resisting the birth taking place within us, we will suffer.  For the birth into Spirit’s higher state of reality is happening with or without our conscious consent.  It is happening at the behest of our higher self, the deep essence of our being that knows nothing of our having drifted into an alternate state of reality in which our spiritual nature has taken on the appearance of material form.  It is happening at the behest of Love, the divine mother, whose business it is to keep us from wandering into a state of fear and isolation.

Clearly nothing about Love is wishing us harm as it draws us back to the realm of oneness from which we came.  Nor would we wish ourselves harm if we understood this was taking place beneath the surface of our lives.  Instead of resisting the journey to our spiritual center, suffering the pangs of our resistance, we would wisely accede to Love’s demand, willingly turning within to the silent sanctuary that houses the true essence of our being. 

Let us do that.  Let us accede to Love’s demand, allowing ourselves to be drawn into the sanctuary of Spirit.  And let us submerge ourselves in the silence of this sanctuary until its purity awakens our spiritual nature, until its attributes begin to reflect themselves in our life.  Let us consciously surrender to Spirit, inviting it to permeate every fiber of our being, each permutation bringing us closer to the immateriality of our divine nature, altering our chemistry until it is as immaculate as it was at our spiritual birth.


As we do, we can be assured that Love will help us every step of the way, coaxing us to pay attention to the thoughts running through our head, to question if they are negative or positive, mortal or divine.  It will urge us to examine our motives, attitudes and responses to the people and circumstances that fill our lives, pressing us to be more selfless, more honest and honorable, to alter our ways in favor of those that more closely resemble our spiritual nature.  It will continually urge us to take on the qualities of this spiritual nature, to let them transform our minds, hearts, bodies and relationships until we regain the heavenly state we are intended to have.

If in the process we find ourselves needing to let go of unhealthy toxic negative influences we must not be afraid or resist, but trust that Love has already replaced them with people and circumstances that will promote our growth and that they will surface as soon as we are willing to let go of the status quo.  We can trust that the only things that will fall by the wayside are things that have no real value; for they are not a part of our higher spiritual nature.  We can trust that in the end our willingness to surrender will bless us.

So please treat yourself to the tender touch of Love.  Feel its Spirit drawing you toward the stillness within, expanding your experience of reality as it urges you Spiritward.  Listen for its voice, that quiet gentle voice inspiring you to move beyond the limits of your mortal nature.  Ask to be shown how to do this, how to become quiet enough to hear what is best for us to do every moment, how to listen with your intuitive ear so you may choose wisely and in a way that will bless you and others.  Listen closely and follow what you hear.  The voice of Spirit will not steer you wrong.  You just need to go deep enough within and have faith.  Patience and faith.  It is not always easy to follow Love’s bidding, but it is worth it.  For what we are is beyond anything we can currently imagine.  It must be.  For we are the image and likeness of Spirit, incorporeal, divine, supreme and infinite Spirit, transparent, immaculate and pure, free of all the limiting material conditions that seem to impose themselves on us today.  And as we submerge ourselves in Spirit, everything unlike Spirit fades away.  Just as the dark fades in the presence of the light, so too do all the evils of this world fade as the presence of Spirit becomes more real to us, each spiritual shift revealing more and more of a world where only good resides.  Let Spirit carry you into this holy world, bit by bit, step by step, shift by shift.  As you do you will be restored to your divinely angelic being.

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