Being New

To be new, free of all vestige of the past, free of the impulses forcing us into habitual modes of thought and behavior, completely alive and engaged in the present, imbibing all it has to offer, what could be better than that?  We know how terrific it feels to be inspired by a new idea, a new vision, a new relationship or job possibility.  How much better if our entire being were to be new, if we were continually being remodeled from the inside out, every facet of us refashioned in a way that surprises and delights us, energizes and fulfills us.  It would be an experience beyond our wildest expectations, a wish come true, a realistic wish as it turns out.  For this refurbishing is actually going on at a deeper level of our being.  In the depth of our inner core, where we are one with the infinite progressions of Life, we are experiencing this continual renewal.  The Life-Force of Being is infusing us with its powerful creative energy, revitalizing and refurbishing every facet of us, nothing standing in its way, not even ourselves.  At core we are always and forever new. 

An amazing thing happens when we realize that all the trappings that seem to curtail our ability to experience this newness are superficial at best and non-existent from the perspective of our timeless divinity.  Yet, how real they feel when we live on the surface levels of our being, barely connecting to our core, how caught in the reckonings of time, the morphic records echoing through the collective memory bank of man, how locked into the programming of our individual DNA, its implanted code tying us to a way of life long gone, impressing itself upon us without our conscious consent, dictating our predilections, our ancestral inclinations and modes of behavior, binding us to what was or seems to be instead of what is.

To be new, truly new, we must be fully engaged in the present moment, embracing all it has to offer.  It doesn’t matter how we are interpreting this moment, though it will flow more freely if we are surrendered to what Life is bringing us, accepting it, regardless of the form of its appearance.  If this appearance is not as ideal as we would wish, we can go within to discover the cause of its distortion, correcting this distortion within our consciousness until the circumstance we deem offensive loses its sting.  Whether or not we are able to do this effectively, if we are to stay focused in the present, it is important that we fully accept what is transpiring right now, trusting that at a deeper level it is not appearing like this at all, but  evidencing in way that is blessing us, that we can open our heart to this blessing as we walk the shadows of our circumstance, doing so with grace.  We can, in essence, be multi dimensionally aware, emphasizing the reality we perceive within, while accommodating the surface reality without.  It takes practice.  But all of us are capable of doing this and the blessings derived are worth our dedication. 

Staying in the present transmutes our experience.  Cutting the chords to past events that have rooted deeply in our psyche frees us from repeating the experience of these events.  We can remember them if they took place in this lifetime, but it is essential we sever our attachment to them if we are to engage in the present in a way that enables us to open to the fullness of what Life is offering.  It takes courage to do this when the imprint on our psyche is bound up with memories of those we have deeply loved or admired.  But we need not fear.  Yielding these ties will not diminish the connection we have with them in the deeper reality of our existence, that divine state in which we are one with all and all is one with us, everyone and everything joined in perfect love and harmony.  It can also take courage when what we are yielding is inseparably bound with our ego and all the events and relationships of memory that have given us our sense of identity.  But, there again, we cannot be harmed by ceding them, for it is impossible to lose our true identity, that essential part of us that lives beyond time and the constructs of mortality.  All we can lose are the fabrications we’ve pasted over it, obscuring our natural magnificence.

So take up the joyful activity of releasing your ties with the past, giving yourself fully to this moment, opening to the creative energy Life is generating within you, welcoming it, accepting it, embracing all it has to offer.  You will not be sorry.  Though you may be tested if the imprints on your psyche are so deeply grooved they are compelling you to repeat the stories they contain.  You do not have to.  You can claim your freedom, letting gratitude and forgiveness pave your way.  But be wise.  Stay alert.  For the compulsion to repeat the patterns of your past will come in many guises, especially if these patterns are contained within the collective psyche as well as your own.  If this is the case it will seem as if the world is claiming your attention, drawing you into its dramas which, like your own, are echo projections from the past, repetitions of tragic or dastardly events that shake your emotional balance and call for your sympathy and aid.  Act if you will.  Aid if you will, but realize that you serve the world best by unraveling its nightmares, seeing through their distortions as you would your own.  You have this opportunity each and every moment; a choice of whether to get sucked into the emotional dramas unfolding on the picture screen of mortal life or to correct the projection back at its source, realizing it is not, nor ever has been, what is happening in the nowness of being.  Be alert.  Be aware.  Be careful where you put your attention, for there will you put your heart, attaching whether you intend to or not.  Take some long slow deep breaths, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of your breath as it flows in and out of your body.  Let it release you from whatever drama is unfurling inside or outside of you, quieting the reports that would unnerve you and keep you from enjoying the amazing blessings Life is bringing you. 

Willingly open your mind, heart and body to these blessings.  Become aware that Life is flooding you with all you could ever need or want.  That it is forever permeating you with its divine energy, enlivening you at every turn.  That it is reinventing and reconstructing you as it recreates everything within the universe of being.  Become aware that the power of its omnipotent Life-Force cannot be halted or derailed as it impresses its newness upon the universe of its creating, that it cannot be halted or derailed as it impresses its newness upon you.  It always has its way.  Whether you know it or not, you are being newly born this instant and, on the deeper levels of reality, continually experiencing this new birth.  Celebrate it!  And let the evidence of your celebration alter your experience.  It can and it will.

Without doubt, this perspective will come as a leap in understanding for some of you, the sting of time being deeply rooted in your concept of how things work.  We would all admit that it does seem this way on the surface, where the full presence of Life is barely known or felt.  But if you can envision what it would be like to live in a timeless state and then give yourself permission to travel there, if only in your mind, you may find the heart to pursue this quest, every step bringing you closer to a reality in which every life form has all it needs to survive, in fact, to flourish, a reality in which none need to borrow or steal another’s life force in order to live.  Granted this will take a leap into non-linear reality.  But as the essence of us lives in this state of non-linear reality it is not an impossible one.  In fact, it is foreordained.  At some point in our human evolution we will all take this leap.  Why not now? 

Be new.  Right now, be new.  Relinquish the trappings of time and mortality and be new.  It isn’t as hard as you may think.  Just rediscover your innocence and open your mind and heart.  The rest of you cannot help but follow.  Let go of who you think you are and allow yourself to be new.  Let Life reveal your true nature to you, offering you ways to see and feel and sense it as you greet the possibilities of your day.  Let it show you new ways to live, new planes of reality from which to view the world.  It can and it will if you will give it your attention, focusing on and prioritizing its input rather than the input coming from your individual psyche or the collective psyche echoing through the morphic field.  Allow yourself to be new, to be divinely impelled, spontaneous, creative, conscious of your inner Light.  Let this Light be your guide as you walk the pathways of life.  And let your heart be filled with unconditional love for everything that abounds in the universe, including yourself.  Accept that, at core, everything that exists is privy to the eternal creative genesis of Life, flourishing and flowering as Life prescribes.  Feel the wonder of this, the internal reality of this, the promise of this and rejoice!!!

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