Celebrating the Light Within

Celebration is in our soul, regardless of what inspires it.  A birth.  A graduation.  An achievement.  A wedding.  A holy day.  The smallest excuse will set our hearts in motion, prompting the other parts of us to follow.  Why?  What is this joy that lives within us, ready to be released at a moment’s notice?  It is us, the true us, the vibrant effusive us that has never lost touch with the blissful state of our being, the us that is one with Source, one with the divine infinite Being that created us as joyful energetic enlightened conscious Christ like beings.  Our hearts remember, even if our minds have forgotten or our souls seem sad or broken.  They remember, for the imprint of our joy vibrates at their core, ready to reveal itself whenever we are willing to give it voice. It is what impels us to honor anyone that even vaguely resembles the saintly beings we sense all are meant to be.

It has, through the ages, prompted us to celebrate the lives of spiritually enlightened individuals who reflected these saintly qualities in their lives, those rare individuals who were so connected with their divine essence it shone through every part of their being and experience, making them a wonder to all who knew them.  In truth, their miraculous acts were not miraculous to them.  They were merely a natural expression of the higher dimensional state of consciousness they had shifted into.  Many titles have been given to these enlightened individuals: Sage, Yogi, Master, Holy One, The Buddha, Messiah, The Christ, to name a few.  But regardless of the title men ascribed to them or when or where they appeared in the unfolding of human history, they were all shining examples of the divine state we secretly wish for, the one our hearts so desire we burst into song when we are reminded of its presence.

So, though it is wonderful to celebrate the life of beings who have made profound dimensional shifts while still walking the planes of Earth, it is more important to realize they were setting the stage for our own conscious advancement, showing us how we too can morph into the enlightened beings we are at core, how we can be masters of the laws of matter, transcending their sphere of influence as we reconnect with the laws of Spirit that rule the higher realms, demonstrating their healing power in our lives and the lives of others.  It is this Saint we must recognize and celebrate, the Christ Consciousness that resides within us, the divine essence of our being that has never fallen prey to the veils of mortality, believing its shadows have extinguished our light or distorted the form of our bodies and experience.  It is this enlightened being, our true being, that we must honor, finding our way back to its sacredness.  For there is nothing more joyful and powerful than reconnecting with our true spiritual essence, nothing that will have a more profound effect upon our lives.

Though it is wonderful to sing the praises of the enlightened individuals who have walked the Earth before us, it is far more wonderful to actually experience what they experienced, turning within and traversing the pathway that leads to our own divine essence, letting the powerful Light radiating within that essence permeate our current consciousness, dissolving the shadows distorting our lives.  It is far more wonderful and blessed to recognize and admit that at core we are divine, that the pure angelic Christ/Buddha/Sage consciousness belongs to us as surely as it belonged to those that exemplified it throughout human history, that we can make the inner journey as they did, blessing ourselves and others as we do. 

I would encourage you to do this.  I would encourage you to seek and find the fully conscious enlightened being that resides within you, honoring it by giving it space and voice in your life.  Let it impel your choices and actions, yielding, even when it seems illogical or difficult.  Live from core.  Let the Light that pours from your core fill your mind, heart and soul, enlightening and inspiring you, transforming every part of you, harmonizing you within and without, expressing itself in your life experience.  Let its Truth, the only Truth, resound through your being until it awakens every part of you, until the enlightenment pouring into you is you, the only you, the conscious joyous you your Soul sense recognizes and celebrates.  Walk the Earth in this glorious surrendered state, being the radiant star you were created to be, the Light of Being shining through your divine transparency, blessing one and all.

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