We are creative beings, reflecting the nature of the Being that created us, reflecting its impulse to bring forth new creations, conceiving and generating the ideas, forms, constructs and patterns that make up its lively, ever-changing universe.  It must be so, for we are made in its image and likeness, the act of creation built into the very fabric of our being, the urge to create as natural to us as breathing.  Whether we are aware of it or not, new creative ideas are incubating within us this very moment, igniting the spark of desire that will ultimately bring them to fruition.  They sit poised, waiting for us to turn our attention in their direction, to have so cleared our mind of debris they can pour into it unobstructed, initiating the new ideas and insights intended to enrich our lives.

Are we willing to stand watch at the door of thought, keeping out the endless chatter inhibiting the natural flow of these ideas and insights?  Are we willing to turn within to the divine intelligence forming them, tapping into it on a regular basis?  If not, why not?  Do we think we know better or that it is too mystic to rely on a divine source for our insights and inspiration?  Hopefully not, for all breakthroughs come from this source, whether scientific or artistic, big or small.  Every genius will confirm that the creative insights that sparked their biggest discoveries came to them in a flash of sudden revelation, that they did not figure them out.  Though they had conscientiously prepared the way for them, devoting themselves to the subject of their interest, culturing their understanding of it until a problem arose that called for a creative solution.  Each will testify that at some point in their quest for this solution they had simply let go, trusting the creative insight they needed would dawn on them, and it had, out of the blue, often when they were in silent repose, occasionally when they were asleep and dreaming. 

We all have this same potential for genius.  For the law that governs creativity is a universal law, initiating and activating creative activity within every life form in the universe.  It never ceases to operate as it generates this creative activity, continually stimulating our talents and impelling us to develop them.  Thereby, all of us are innately talented, creatively brilliant.  If only we knew we were, and were willing to patiently develop and culture our talents until they were ready to express themselves with ease.  If only we could, we too would wear the cloak of genius, naturally ushering in innovations and solutions to the problems we and others devise, each innovation and solution making life easier and more enjoyable.  It doesn’t matter what field our talents lie in, the law of creativity is there for us, operating to solve our riddles and propel us into its creative flow, into the zone of spontaneous creation that exists without thought and mental manipulation.  Operating impartially and universally, it impacts the entire universe, impelling all that makes up the universe to new heights of creative expression, including us.  We can love mathematics or music, architecture, engineering, writing, painting, sewing or gardening, the avenue of its delivery makes no difference to the law that instigates it, though the closer the avenue is to our divine nature the better the flow.  It’s only important that we recognize the areas of our natural talent and love them enough to devote ourselves to them until they spontaneously express themselves in our life, blessing us and others if we use them for good.

If you doubt this, try it out.  What have you got to lose?  Only time, and you will be spending it so wisely, it won’t be a waste at all.  You will find that the rewards will be great.  For there is nothing more satisfying than being in the creative flow, spontaneously expressing yourself, sharing your unique talents with the world.  Get started now.  Turn within.  Tap into the divine intelligence that sparks your creative genius.  Give your heart to what you love and the talents that instinctively flow from you.  Devote yourself to these talents, giving them your time and attention until they develop and begin to bare fruit, until they flow out of you as naturally as your breath.  Practice, practice, practice until you enter the zone of creativity beyond thought, experiencing its vibrant energy transforming you and what pours from you, experiencing the vibrant presence of spontaneous creation.

If, for a moment, you seem blocked or in a creative rut, believing you have no talents to call upon, simply remind yourself that the law of creativity is at work behind the scenes, instigating and generating whatever new ideas, insights, information or activity you need.  Then get out of the way, quieting your mind, heart and gut until you can trust the law to come to your aid.  It will.  It always does once you align with it.  The cobwebs will clear.  Confusion will come to an end and you will know whatever it is you need to know, applying it to your problem or situation, letting it solve and resolve and catapult you in a new creative direction.  You don’t have to earn it or be worthy of it, for the law is impartial as it impels newness onto the horizon of experience.  But you do have to be aware of its existence and be willing to submit yourself to the power of its presence in your life.  As with all divine laws, the law of creativity operates for our good.  We are blessed when we accept its offerings, moving into its creative flow.  Please do this.  Open yourself to the creative impulsion generating within you right now, nurturing it and giving it expression in your life.  Be the creative being you are intended to be, blessing yourself and all.

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