Divine Guidance

listening to the still small voice within

Choices.  Our lives are filled with choices, countless opportunities to decide what is best for ourselves and others.  They range from what to eat or wear or how best to spend our day to where to live, where to work, who to befriend, who to marry, what to believe or how to direct the course of our lives.  The question is: how do we make these choices?  What influence comes to bare upon them?  Our family?  Our upbringing?  Education?  Experience?  Beliefs?  Preferences?  Hopes?  Fears?  Or are we influenced by the subtle impressions coming from the inner guidance system we all possess, yet often fail to use?

Why?  Why do we fail to turn to the infallible guide that lives inside us?  Are we too much in a hurry to check in?  Or are we simply unaware of its presence, unaware that we possess this amazing guide that is capable of informing and directing us in ways that inevitably enhance our lives and the lives of others?  Or, if we are aware of its existence, have even tapped into it from time to time, are we unsure of how to do this at will or in a consistently reliable way?  Do we remember having misread it in the past,  having overridden ‘the still small voice’ attempting to get our attention with the louder voice in our heads offering suggestions we preferred?  Do we wonder if we are capable of tuning in well enough to consistently hear the right voice, the true voice, the voice that stems from the deep place inside us that is privy to the information known to the all-knowing Mind of God, the Mind that has the capacity to take into account the largest picture, directing our choices accordingly.  We understand we must forge a direct hook up with this Mind if the impressions we receive from it are to benefit us and others, opening a channel we can depend on, one that assures our discernment will be accurate, our insight and intuition faultless.  The question is: how can we establish this open channel?

Through practice.  Through pure desire and practice.  Like anything else we would cultivate, accessing our inner guide takes devotion and practice.  It takes our absolute trust that this infallible guide lives within us and valuing its guidance enough to turn to it throughout our day, asking for its input, receiving it as best we can.  It is testing the accuracy of our reception on the small choices we have to make, so we can tune in easily when there seems to be more at stake.  It is discovering methods that work for us, methods that still the noise obstructing our ability to hear the ‘still small voice’ communicating with us, methods that quiet the incessant rush of words and feelings and emotions intruding upon this stillness, reliable methods such as prayer, meditation, surrender, forgiveness and gratitude.  If we want to be guided rightly in times of great importance or crisis, we need to cultivate our listening ear, so our intuition will kick in instantly when we need it.  We need to cultivate our ability to be so surrendered we have no preferences or agenda when we ask our inner guide for direction.  As hard as this can be, we need to give up our personal desires, our personal will, ceding our desires and will to God’s desire, God’s will, consciously welcoming its directives, finding the strength, courage and resolve to follow as it wills.  For most of our lives we’ve heard: “Thy will be done.”  But have we truly known what God’s will is or blindly taken others’ word for it?  If the latter, it is time we discover God’s desire for ourselves, trusting that fulfilling this desire will only bring us and others good. 

It is important we keep in mind that as God, the creative Life-Force of being, is ever creating and directing the course of its universe, it is directing our course, everyone’s course, designing the ways it intends for us to contribute, giving each of us an ongoing purpose to fulfill.  If we fail to contribute as we are meant to, be it due to our lack of receptivity or recalcitrance, we cheat no one but ourselves.  For our fulfillment is intricately woven into the warp and woof of God’s purposeful design, every strand created to bless us as it blesses the entirety of the universe.  Which of us is not seeking fulfillment?  Which of us does not wish to fulfill his or her purpose here on Earth?  No one I know of. 

Given this desire for fulfillment we all share, given our universal purpose and the joy we feel when we are living out our purpose, how can we let anything stand in the way of our doing this?  It makes no sense, especially when we realize that our ability to do this is built into our very being.  We all have the ability to tune into the spiritual Force directing the course of our lives,.  We have the ability to receive our marching orders from this Force, orders that lay out clearly the special part the divine is intending us to play.  And the great joy is, as we acknowledge these orders, these divine impulsions, following them and playing our part as the divine intends, we feel purposeful and fulfilled, content and at peace.  It’s just a matter of listening, of paying attention to ‘the still small voice’ guiding us, impelling our choices and the direction of our lives.  We can do it.  We can create a universe where we are all so responsive to this inner guide, so in tune with it and each other, we are able to create peace and harmony here on Earth. 

I would ask you to take up the challenge.  Listen for the deep quiet powerful voice that is like no other.  Let it activate your intuitive faculty, giving you insight after insight as it wakes you to your higher calling.  Let it direct your choices and the direction of your lives.  You will not be sorry.  For the rewards will be great, the blessings beyond your wildest imaginings.

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