Experiencing Life’s Everlasting Abundance

Everyone who has ever lived has desired to live “the good life.”  For some it has simply meant the ability to live with a never-ending supply of clean water, fresh food and safe comfortable shelter, having these without sacrifice or struggle, without having to till the soil from morning till night.  For others “the good life” has also meant finding ways to bring meaning and purpose to life.  While many have, to some extent succeeded, few have truly experienced the life their heart desired and knew was possible.  Why?  Did they not deserve a good life?  Of course they did and so do we.  It’s just that we are not fully aware of what constitutes it or how we may arrive at it. 

Yet, I would allow, that the deep essence of us is completely aware of the nature of Life, in fact, receiving the cornucopia of its blessings right now.  I realize our mortal logic would have us doubt this.  But if we can suspend this logic for a moment, reaching beyond it to the depth of understanding that resides within us, we will discover our connection with the Life-Force responsible for our existence, and through this connection regain our ability to live and flourish in its vitalizing energetic flow.  So let us take a leap of faith together, finding ways to reconnect with the more expansive sense of Life that will lead us to “the good life,” we desire: a life free of care and want and lack, healthy, productive and fulfilling in every way. 

Nothing can actually stop us from doing this except our habitual inclination to hang out on the surface level of life, becoming so immersed in the dramas of our mortal existence we fail to prioritize the journey within.  Once we recognize the value and importance of this journey and decide to embark on it, the way will open and our higher nature will be able to direct our path to the creative center of our being, guiding us through whatever barricades our beliefs, attachments, egos or prejudices have erected.  These self-made barricades may be tenacious, but if we keep our minds and hearts clearly focused on Life, sincerely desiring to move into its energetic flow, the barricades will begin to dissolve, gradually bringing us closer to the realization of our desire. 

Most of us will turn to some form of prayer or meditation, spiritual affirmation, centering practice, music, nature or spiritually scientific inquiry to aid us on our quest, finding in its practice ways to move through our conscious or unconscious resistance.  Choose the method or methods that serve you best, those that enable you to move through your barriers most effectively, that quiet and center you and dissolve the personal sense of life that seems to be preventing you from fully experiencing the great blessings Life is offering.  Choose whichever helps you reconnect with the Life-Force responsible for your existence, that which gives you the ability to be, to live, to create and spiral to ever more beautiful and complex forms of expression and experience.  Choose and practice.  For there is nothing more joyful and exhilarating than being in the midst of Life’s flow, feeling its creative energy gestating inside you, pouring out into the activities of your choosing. 

Being in this dynamic flow is the ultimate high.  It keeps us fully engaged in the present, where neither past nor future can impinge upon our being or experience, where lack is nonexistent, for whatever we need is spontaneously presenting itself, moving into and through us into the universe.  One moment of being fully engaged in this creative flow and you will agree.  Nothing will ever be the same.  Once you experience this deep timeless connection with Life, feeling its energy surging inside you, feeding you, inspiring you, lifting you to new heights, once you experience the spontaneous way Life resolves and solves and meets your every need, you will never be able to convince yourself of the reality of lack again.  You will know, without doubt, that it only seems that you lack something because you have temporarily lost your connection with Life, that whatever sense of deprivation, impoverishment, difficulty or adversity you may seem to be experiencing can and will be reversed the instant you reconnect.

So let us take up Life’s challenge together. Let us shore up the breach between the mortal and immortal sense of our life, letting the immortal have the upper hand.  Let us live as it lives, experiencing life anew every moment.  Let us be so connected with Being/God/Life we truly lack nothing. 

Let us reach to the depth of our being where the immortal of us resides, trusting that its intelligence is our intelligence and that if we truly need to know something we can and will. 

Let us trust that its heart is our heart, pure and good and fully open to the fruits of the Spirit. 

Let us trust that its selfless identity is our identity, that we not only can be, but are, in reality, free of the emotional storms of our mortal ego.

Let us trust that, in reality, we are free of personal theories, opinions, ambitions and prejudices, for our immortal being is fully connected with the infinite Principle that governs the universe, that its integrity and honesty reside at our core. 

Let us trust and accept that Being’s Life is our true and immortal life, the source of our energy and continual renewal, provision and creative inspiration, that like it, we have everything we could ever need or want.

Let us accept that its Light is our light, its immortal consciousness our consciousness, that the mortal dream we cling to has no place in this consciousness, just as darkness has no place in the light.

Let us accept that like our immortal being, we are whole, healthy, complete, fulfilled and at peace.

Doing this is transformational.  Truly transformational.  Life altering.  Find out for yourself.   Sit at the fount of Life, receiving and enjoying its abundant blessing.

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