Experiencing the Presence of Divine Love

How wonderful would it be if we could always experience the full presence of God’s Love, if we could live every moment in the comfort and safety and assurance of Love’s embrace, knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are an integral part of the oneness of its being, that the deep connection Love has forged between us and all the life forms that make up its oneness has never been broken, that beneath our current observations and experiences of life there is a state of universal harmony and brotherhood in which each of us is continuously blessing and being blessed by the other.

At some time in our lives we have all experienced this divine presence, Love’s all-ministering, deeply protective presence.  Perhaps it came in our mother’s arms as she cared for and nurtured us from infancy to childhood.  Perhaps it came in the company of others we loved and trusted or simply as we walked through the beauty and serenity of nature, so in enraptured with the trees, flowers, fields, streams or oceans we felt there was no force on earth that could intrude upon our peace.  There may or may not have been a logical explanation for what we felt, but never the less we felt it and instinctively trusted that all was well.

What we would like, of course, is to experience this deep sense of wellbeing at all times and under all circumstances; to feel as if we are in the midst of Love’s divine presence wherever we are, regardless of what appears to be going on around us.  We would like to be so immersed in the protection and comfort of this benevolent presence that no harm can come to us, ever.  It is a desire of our heart, a desire that can and will be fulfilled if we are willing and able to move beneath the superficial world of our every day experience to a deeper, more spiritual, realm of reality, a reality in which nothing is present to violate our mind, body or soul.  Finding and maintaining a connection with this deeper sense of reality isn’t always easy though, especially when circumstances come along to shake up our world and provoke our fear. It can feel as if we’ve been shook up by an earthquake, can even be an earthquake or tidal wave, tornado or flood.  Yet it can be done.  If our connection with Love is strong enough we can feel its protective embrace wherever we are, trusting it will guide us out of any type of danger.  The trick is not to be overcome with fear, not to let “what if’s” or scary thoughts race through our minds, deluging us with images of our impending doom, clinging to those images until we force them to come to pass.  But right in the midst of what appears to be some crisis, to stay calm, moving into the deeper level of reality in which the energy event we seem to be experiencing is presenting itself in a more benevolent way, staying there until we feel the presence of Love. 

It may seem like a tall order, but we can do this.  We are programmed to do this and to succeed, because Love is always waiting in the wings, available to all who dwell in the universe of being.  It can be called upon at anytime, anywhere.  All we have to do is surrender to its powerful protective presence, finding in this presence a release from the negative information we have stored during our lives, the gory images lodged in our memory banks, the pain and suffering, grievances, jealousies, hatreds or misgivings about others, especially those who appear different from ourselves, those we believe may harm us or someone we love.  We need to open to the deeper sense of reality within us that knows only harmony, grace and peace, allowing this reality to dissolve our anxiety and fear.

Consider, if you will, the qualities you would attribute to any good human mother, your mother if you have been fortunate enough to have one who loved you more than her life.  Then multiply these qualities a millionfold and you will begin to realize Love’s capacity to care for you, to give you all you could ever need, be this provision or solution, comfort or protection.  Love has it all to give, and it does, endlessly, on every level, in every place and time.  It’s motherhood pervades the entire universe, holding in a state of peaceful interaction that cannot be violated by any part of its union, regardless of our belief that it can and has.  In reality, it has not.  The unified field of the oneness of being exists, unmarred, untouched, unbroken, even the unified field of our own individual presence, every facet of this oneness, reflecting the divine mother that conceived it. That this oneness has been broken is a delusion, a false mortal perception of the true state of being, a fragmented particle view of the non material energy field from which we derive our existence. 

Once we understand ourselves as energy, as consciousness, as a resonant presence within the unified field of Love’s universe, once we understand and give credence to this deeper state of our being, we are on the path to freeing ourselves from the fear and hatred that has plunged mankind into a chaotic warlike state of existence.  Once we understand the connection we have with all life, we will revere that life as we do our own, realizing that whatever we do to another we simultaneously do to ourselves.  Love has created us all, established us all as its manifest creative universal presence, no part of this universal presence brighter than another, better than another, more useful than another.  For all reflect the Father/Mother God that created the universe in its holy image. You and I have never actually been ejected from this universe, never been cast into darkness or subjected to the dreams of mortal life, despite our belief that we have.  Keep this in mind as you turn within.  Keep in mind that you are, in fact, returning to your heavenly home, each step homeward dissolving a part of the dream, each enabling you to ultimately be as holy and peaceful as Love itself.

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