Getting in Touch with our Divine Purpose

Are we independent life forms, here on Earth for a brief time, no reason or purpose to our life? Or is there a plan for us? A purpose? A reason for our being? Have we a special role to play in the ever-unfolding universal design? It would seem we do, whether we are aware of it or not. For everything in the universe has a purpose. From the standpoint of our temporal sensory observation it can appear as if we or other life forms have no purpose or direct connection with one another, but scientists are discovering that we do, that on some deep level everything that comprises the universe is energetically connected with everything else, this root connection held together by an omnipotent force, an infinite all pervasive Principle that is Love. It is this Love that designs the magnificence that is our being, giving us our ongoing purpose, initiating and fulfilling this purpose as it redesigns the universe of its being.

The question is: “Are we open to Love’s direction, willingly letting it plan our days, impel our choices, our activities, our ultimate destiny?” It is important we answer this question honestly, going deep inside for the answer, asking if we would follow Love’s impulse regardless of where it leads. We may find that we are not yet ready to do this. But at some point our heart will willingly surrender to its plan. No reservations. No doubts. We will be practiced at silencing the chatter of conflicting choices running through our head, practiced at going within, settling into a deep state of quiet until our intuition points us in a direction. We will be willing to do this in every instance, checking in for little choices as well as big ones, following where our intuition leads. There will be times when doing this will require faith, not only faith in the infallible direction of Love, but faith in our ability to accurately hear and follow its impulse, trusting as we do that a force that is powerful enough to conceive and implement the glorious design of the universe, is powerful enough to insure that every facet of the universe complies with its plan, directing and redirecting it until it does. We will trust that we cannot miss our way, for Love will not let us. If we get off track, it will always pull us back.

In actuality, Love knows nothing of our failure to do its bidding.  For it knows nothing outside of Itself, nothing outside of the universe of its creating.  It only knows what it is and how it operates, how it is designing and redesigning the expression of its being, governing every aspect of this expression, every element and function of its universal presence.  It only knows this presence, our true presence and purpose within its universe, giving us our special role, our unique voice.  Only in the dream of mortality does it appear we are separate from Love and its all-inclusive universal presence.  The more we wake from this dream, the easier it is to feel and follow Love’s directives, each directive blessing us in more ways than we can currently fathom. 

We can think of Love as an eminent composer, composing the musical sounds that evidence as the universe of being, orchestrating these universal sounds, giving each a purpose to fulfill within its divine eternally unfolding symphonic composition. Every voice is known to this heavenly composer, every voice included in the harmonies that issue from its creative core. Each is given a special role, each spontaneously filling this role. We are these voices, singing our part as Love composes its composition, lending the resonance of our presence to the glorious sounds echoing through the dimensions of being. It is not possible to separate Love’s intention from our own, going off in a direction of our separate choosing. For this Principle that is Love is not only the composer, but the conductor of our life as well, directing the way we contribute to the glorious on-going expression of being, guiding every nuance, every rest, as it harmonizes us with all the voices making up the symphony of sound that fills its universe. We can attempt to sing a different tune or refuse to sing at all. But ultimately the Spirit of the music will call to our hearts, drawing us into the harmonies of heaven where the essence of our being is resounding with the essence of all that is and ever will be, our universal presence fulfilling the divine intent of Love.

So you can see that it is fruitless for us to make our own plans, though we can ignorantly or willfully choose to do so. Love is in charge. It is directing the show that is our life’s journey, giving us nothing but goodness, if only we would let it. To Love we are an integral part of one universal being, a being that can never be divided into separate isolated parts, having no relation with each other. One being, filled with multitudinous unique forms of expression. One harmonious, fully integrated, cohesive united resonant presence, the omnipresence of Being. It is nonsensical to act as if it were otherwise, treating some of the forms of life as if they were not as precious as ourselves. They are. We are all precious in the sight of Love, all included, valued, adored and protected. We need to know this if we are tempted to judge or strike out at another, believing it is unlike ourselves. We need to realize that it is in our best interest, as well as the world’s that we find common ground, valuing the core connection we have with all, valuing the essence of everyone and everything, loving what it is behind the mask of its mortality. For nothing can withstand the power of unconditional love that comes from the supreme Love of Being. It will respond. It has no choice. We have no choice. We may think we do, but in the end Love will draw us back into its fold.

Our purpose lies within this fold, Love’s all-embracing fold. It may take different forms as it translates through the dimensions of being to where we are, but it is there that it is conceived, there that it is being fulfilled by us and all. So if we would be blessed and extend this blessing to others, it is to Love’s magnanimous fold we must go for direction, seeking it with an open willing heart. It is to Love we must turn if we need to make a decision or discern how best we may serve all who walk this Earth with us. Love does have a plan for each and every one of us, a grand purposeful plan. Let us be aware of this plan as it extends to our being and experience, carrying it out as best we can. Let us invite Love’s blessing, accepting it for ourselves and all.