Honoring Our Divinity

How wonderful it is to honor the holiness of others, celebrating their greatness and glorifying their miraculous heavenly deeds.  But do we realize it is just as wonderful to honor our own holiness, just as meaningful to celebrate our own divine angelic being, revering its powerful immaculate presence in our lives?  If not, there is no better time to experience the sheer joy of this than now.  For when we honor the divinity residing at our core, giving it a place of great importance at the table of our lives, it honors us back by sharing its wisdom and understanding of life with us.  It is a generous guest, never tiring of giving, never tiring of blessing us with the secrets it holds in its heart, offering them freely, flooding us with love and grace and the deep peace our hearts desire.  For it knows our hearts better than we do.  It is the basis upon which they are built.  It is, after all, our divinity, our divine essence, our angelic holy being.  Why would we not wish to seek out its company and invite it to dine with us every single day?   

To do this we must go to where it lives.  We must go to the core of our being, journeying there as often as we can, cutting through the bramble of thoughts, feelings and emotions that would stand in our way.  This may seem difficult at first, for the brambles may be thick and resist our desire to eliminate them.  But once the path is forged, once we have made our way into the silent sacred sanctuary where our divine essence resides, we can return there with ease, especially if we do so often, not giving the brambles a chance to grow and obstruct our way again.  

We can go there and be a guest at its table, partaking of its wise counsel and guidance, gaining insight after insight in our search for enlightenment.  We can drink the draught of Spirit it offers, letting it flow through our being, cleansing and purifying us, riding it of all the negativity and material obsessiveness that has poisoned us and kept us from enjoying the spiritual fruits it has to offer.  We can invite it to come home with us, to live with us, to infuse our lives with the deep sense of calm and balance that is natural to it, natural to our divine essence.  For this is where it belongs, with us, not apart from us.  It is, after all, the true us, the divine us, the us that has never been cut off from its Source, the us that is divinely intelligent because it is one with the all-knowing Mind that conceived and created the universe.  It is the real spiritual us that has never drifted into alternate realities, losing touch with its true nature and character, but has kept them intact, the us that is safe and secure at all times in all places, regardless of storms hovering near.  It is the divine essential us we honor, the us that is so one with Source it naturally lives in a harmonious world in which integrity and honesty and true brotherhood are the norm.  It is the angel of us that is eternal, fully enlightened and holy.  This is the us, the divine essential us, we are blessed by honoring, celebrating it by giving it full reign in our lives.

So as you celebrate the saintliness of others, please do include your own saintly divine eternal being, honoring it, loving and cherishing its presence so fully, it becomes all you are.

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