Love’s Call

Our hearts hold a secret they have been whispering to us since the beginning of time.  It is a message of belonging, of the deep connection we have with all that exists in the universe.  For eons our hearts have been sending us this message, attempting to awaken us to the unity and oneness we experience on the higher levels of our being. 

Throughout the ages, this deep underlying message of unity has been instilling a desire within us to forge trustworthy, reliable, heartwarming, secure connections.  The power inherent in this unity has been the driving force behind our desire to find our soul mate, create families, form tribes, religious unions, creative, intellectual, political and life-sustaining relationships.  It has been the coalescing force behind our impulse to establish communities, villages, towns, cities and nations.  Eventually it will lead us to establish a united world and a united system of planets, galaxies and universes, wherein all live harmoniously and peacefully with one another.  Unbelievable as it might seem at the moment, mankind can look forward to this time, for the great message streaming from man’s heart will continue to exert its benign influence until all are awake to the eternal bond they share with all existence. 

How long this will take is unknown.  But it will happen.  For the state of oneness our hearts are aware of is a state we are already experiencing on the deeper levels of our being.  In that supreme state we are fully present within the integrated, harmoniously manifest, self-contained, unified field, of being.  Aware that every element, structure, system and function—including us—is, and ever will be, irrevocably connected with every other, spontaneously operating for the benefit of all.  For on that deep level of our being we are a living presence within the omnipresence of being, eternally governed by the divine cohesive force of Love, of God, of Being Itself.

Our material senses may delude us into denying this, attempting to convince us that unity is a pipe dream, that harmony and peace will never transpire.  But, the fact is, they will, because they already exist. Our hearts are helping us rediscover this, impelling us to rediscover and reenter our heavenly home.  Let us courageously follow the dictates and impulsions of our hearts.  Let us shed anything in our being that would divide us from others, making us believe we have been cast off and are alone in a hostile uncaring world.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  May we go within, listening to the wise whisperings of our hearts, following wherever they lead. 

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