One Being.  One universe.  One expression.

There is really only one Being, being its own infinite Being, expressing itself through its endless creations, uniting these creations into a grand glorious progressively morphing whole.  Only one creation, one holographic creation in which every expression of Being is included and from which none can be removed.  Being and its creation are forever fused into an inseparably united whole.   One is simply the objective state of the other, creation being this objective state.     

We are part of this objective creation, forever expressing the divine intent of Being, fulfilling its design, its plan, its purpose.  We may or may not be aware of this at the moment.  But on some deep level of our being it is what is going on.  We are being what we are intended to be, doing what we are intended to do.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  So why does it seem otherwise?  Why does it seem as if we are drifting in a mortal sea, searching for life rafts to carry us back to the inner port of call that will enable us to regain the recognition of our divinity, and by doing so, our purpose in the universe of being?  Why does it seem as if we have lost touch with the all-powerful Being that created us, that we have separated from it, when in actuality we have not?  Perhaps the answer revolves around the word seem.  Webster’s dictionary defines seem as: “to give the impression of being; to appear to observation or understanding; external appearance as distinguished from true character; deceptive appearance.”  So, though it appears to our current state of understanding that we are separate from the infinite Being that is the source and continuity of our life, in actuality, we are not.  It is simply a deceptive observation, an inaccurate appearance.  Our true character is not outside of Being, nor is it receiving impressions from anything other than Being.  This being so, it would clearly be in our best interest to rid ourselves of all of our deceptive impressions.

Since the deceptive impressions we are responding to are coming from outside of our being, logic would say  turning within would be the best way to rid ourselves of them, intending as we turn within to reconnect with Being, tuning our spiritual sensors to its divine impressions, taking them in until they dissolve the deceptive impressions and appearances we have believed were true.  Many methods have been used for this purpose: prayer, meditation, conscious breathing, communing with nature and music being the ones most often practiced.  Whichever method or methods you choose, let your heart guide you as you turn within, trusting the relationship you seek with Being is real and vital and eternal, that you have never actually lost it, so it can be consciously retrieved.  Trust and move deeper and deeper into the inner sanctuary of your being, seeking as you drop into deep center to restore your connection with the all-powerful Being that created you.  The deeper you are able to go, the more connected with Being you will be, this divine connection spontaneously expressing in all the avenues of your life, restoring harmony to each and every one of them.  Why?  Because in the realm of Being there is only harmony and because, in reality, there is no other realm than Being’s realm.  There is only one subjective Being objectifying itself as the universe of being, impressing upon its universe the magnitude of its energy and heavenly design.  As an integral part of this universe, we are ever being impressed with this design, receiving and reflecting it in a way that fulfills Being’s divine intent as well as our own destiny.  The more we recognize this, the more we yield to the divine impulsions impressing themselves upon us, internalizing and expressing these impulsions, the more harmony and blessedness we will witness in our lives and the lives of others. 

We mustn’t worry if our relations with others are currently a bit edgy, if harmony is illusive or fulfillment seems ever at bay; there is a solution, one that will reinstate the divine Principle of Being as our supreme authority, giving us conscious access to its divine directives, directives that will never lead us astray.  Of course, we will need to give up our personal beliefs, theories, judgments and control, something not always easy for us to do.  But we must, for no person can possibly have a comprehensive enough understanding of the universe to direct the harmonious interaction of every living being.  Infinite Being alone has this capacity, and as such we are wise when we yield to its divine directives, culturing our intuitive and spiritual sensors so they can read these directives accurately.  Harmonious relations will follow as we do this, not only in our own lives, but eventually in the lives of everyone on Earth. 

So let us choose to live in a state of harmony and peace, opening every pathway within us that will lead to its discovery and relinquishing any tendency within us to subvert it.  Let us travel this pathway as often as we can, culturing and nurturing our connection with the Being that eternally recreates us, transforming us as it transforms the entirety of the objective universe of its being, designing and redesigning us throughout eternity.  Let us rediscover our divine connection with this supreme Being, maintaining this connection, allowing it to govern our motives, actions and relations, bringing integrity and peaceful interaction to each.  Let us tap into its capacity to integrate us and all into a synchronous smoothly operating united whole, its capacity to direct our contribution to this whole, a contribution designed to naturally enhance the beauty and awe inspiring magnificence of the universe we are ever a part of.  Let us be so united with Being and this universe that we are a blessing to all.

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