Our Divine Connection

Why is it we long for connection?  Why do we so often feel empty or lonely if we are not in the company of a kindred spirit, a soul mate, a beloved family member or friend?  Why have people throughout the ages been led to band together in groups, tribes, city states and nations, finding comfort in the companionship of those who shared similar roots, beliefs, language, physiology and traditions?  Why do we still?  What is the driving force behind our need to socialize and form meaningful relationships with others?  What is it our heart longs for, our soul recalls?

It is the communion we share with all at core, the deep energetic bond we have with everyone and everything that makes up the universe of being, the bond, forged in Spirit, that unites all as one.  It may seem to us that this bond has been broken, that the unity that exists in the universe of being has been been shattered and all are not of one mind, one spirit, one soul, but are independent souls, needing to survive on their own.  Yet spiritual sages and new-age scientists know better, each, in their own way, having proven the existence of states beyond our current perception and experience of reality.  In fact the deeper part of us knows better.  For it lives in a higher, more unified realm, partaking of its absolute harmony and peace.

No wonder we search for this deep connection, often risking all to achieve it.  No wonder our hearts yearn to be known and loved by others, comforted by their presence, made secure in the realization that no harm can come to us when they are near.  No wonder we long to feel safe in the presence of all who live on the Earth, searching for ways to make this possible.  And yet, we so often fail.  Why?  Because our minds and sense perceptions are actively feeding us limited, distorted, fragmented information, information inducing us to focus on the differences we have with others, and how these differences make us vulnerable to attack.  If we are not careful, they run amuck with us, bombarding us with nightmarish pictures of the negative or evil deeds these different others have done to us or someone else, each horrific image sabotaging the yearning in our hearts for a true universal connection.

The question is: how can we handle these sabotaging culprits?  How can we subdue our mind’s inadvertent reaction to the limited input of our physical senses, freeing ourselves from the duos divisive tactics?  How can we make our way back to the state of divine connection we intuitively know belongs to us, regain the sense of security and peace we enjoy on the deeper levels of our being? What can we do to heal a world where so many appear to be vying for power and control, willingly taking extreme measures to gain the upper hand?

We can bypass the reports of our physical senses, acknowledging their appearance, while simultaneously acknowledging the existence of states beyond their limited input, states that contain larger fields of information that read life quite differently.  We can choose to move into these higher states, accessing their larger fields as often as we can.  Through surrendered prayer, meditation, peace giving spiritual practices and our natural divine instinct we can open to and develop the inner pathway that leads to these larger fields, entering them and through them the state of oneness we share with all.  We can persevere, not giving up until we break through the barriers our limited senses have built for us, cultivating the spiritual sense that makes this possible, the expanded sense that enables us to access the larger fields of information operating in the higher realms of reality where harmony and peace prevail.  We can realize that as we do this, as we experience the harmonious peaceful presence that permeates these larger fields, this lively presence will impact the smaller field determining our mortal perceptions and experience, transforming and expanding this field until only peace harmony prevail.

We may find ourselves being tested as we attempt to sustain the peace that resounds through the unified fields of being.  For the mortal of us fears change and seldom gives up its way of life without a fight.  Yet, no matter how great the test, I would encourage you to not to give up.  Resolve to move deeper within, asking your divine essence to show you the way to the peaceful presence you enjoy at core, following this way in spite of the challenges that may present themselves.  Do this until you can feel the divine energy of this peaceful presence resounding through your being and out into the world.  If the dissonance and hostility you observed before entering the presence doesn’t dissolve instantly, you can rest assured it will as the presence of Love grows stronger inside you.  Just keep tapping into it, trusting there is nothing as powerfully transformative as Love and that Love will find a way to over-form your life and the lives of others, until all life reflects the deep harmony and peace that exists in the oneness of being.

It is easy to commit ourselves to this transformational process when we realize that the informational fields that comprise the unified field of being are nested fields ranging from the infinitesimal to the infinite, the infinite containing them all and having ultimate power and control.  It is therefore logical to assume that as we enter ever larger fields we will experience the fuller, more integrated and harmonious nature prevailing within these fields, ultimately experiencing the full presence of Love that pervades the infinite universe of being.  

The truth is, the essence of us is living in this unified field right now, begging the us that seems to have lost consciousness of our divine connection to regain it. Every moment, in every way, it is urging us to expand our sense of reality, to find our way back into the oneness of being.  It will not rest until it succeeds, for it wants our good, our blessing, our ultimate freedom from loneliness, hostility. war and fear.  It wants us to realize that, in reality, nothing can harm us, save our lack of connection with Being and its universal expression.

So please follow the urgings of your heart.  Follow them as they implore you to let go of any belief, feeling or ego identification creating a breech between you and others, any material theory, system, prejudice or affiliation, anything that might stand in the way of your experiencing the powerful presence of Love you share with all.  Follow and discover the peace you and the world long for.  Listen to your heart and let Love lead the way. 

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