Shifting Paradigms

experiencing major breakthroughs in consciousness

Progress is inevitable. 

Everything in life moves forward, be it in small increments or gigantic unpredictable leaps.  Forward momentum, it would seem, is built into the very fabric of existence, including the fabric of our existence.  We may or may not be aware that Life is pushing us forward, but, whether we are or not, we inevitably feel its impact.  We may find ourselves feeling stagnant or restless or bored with the life we are currently living, find ourselves searching for something we cannot put our finger on, something more challenging or exciting, possibly a new job or location or personal relationship, a new creative activity or sport or thrilling adventure.  It might never dawn on us that our desire to experience life in a brand new way is being instigated by the Life-Force forever initiating creation.  Yet it makes it nonetheless true, nor nonetheless imperative we follow Life’s urgings, cooperating in every way we can, adapting, shifting, even mutating at its behest.  To this end we need to be consciously aware of the opportunities Life is bringing us, opening ourselves to the blessings they offer, blessings we may not see if we are holding too tight to the way things are, reticent to change from the inside out, to shift into new paradigms, states and stages as Life impels us forward.

Like us, language is evolving.  Every year new words are being added to our dictionaries, words that have crept into the language of our everyday life.  Some of these words reflect changes in our psychological attitudes, colloquialisms or relaxations in the formality of speech.  Others are words coined by the most forward thinking among us in their attempts to explain the philosophical, scientific or metaphysical breakthroughs they have experienced, words that have found their way into other disciplines and, ultimately, common usage.  Paradigm is such a word.  Originally coined by Thomas Kuhn and used in his book, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” paradigm or, more specifically, paradigm shift is a term used to describe the scientific revolutions that occur when an existing model of thought used by a community of scientific practitioners seems, at least to some, to have become obsolete, an entirely different, more inclusive and progressive model spontaneously dawning on the consciousness of one or more of its practitioners, the new model able to explain many of the old model’s anomalies.  A paradigm shift is, in effect, a revolution in consciousness, a breakthrough in which the current model of our understanding suddenly morphs, giving us a more expansive understanding of our discipline or of reality itself.  It is in this later context that the term paradigm shift is being used here.  It is representing the sudden breakthroughs that occur in consciousness that enable us to view life from a larger, more inclusive, perspective and context.  As indicated, paradigm shifts are not gradual shifts, one truth or fact leading to or building upon another, but sudden insights that occur unexpectedly and end up revolutionizing our lives.  We can prepare for them by focusing earnestly and intently upon the elements, functions and laws operating life as we currently know it, noticing anomalies regarding the nature of man and the universe as they present themselves, but we cannot determine how and when these breakthroughs or shifts in our understanding will come.  They will simply dawn on us when our consciousness is cultured enough and open enough to receive them.

Major shifts in man’s consciousness have been occurring since before man became rational.  He has, for instance, shifted from:

atomistic thinking, where he observed only isolated things, facts and truths to

linear thinking, where he suddenly saw an orderly sequence to the things and events he was observing, one thought or event leading naturally to another.  This linear standpoint of observation continued until at some point, man began to realize that one event does not just lead to another, but that all events function at once with other events.  Man had morphed from linear to

functional thinking, the element of linear time disappearing in the process. He was suddenly able to contemplate life beyond the standpoint of cause and effect, able to focus on timeless ideas and their relation with one another.  He remained in this state until he experienced another major breakthrough in consciousness, when his functional take on the world and reality shifted to

operational thinking, where he understand that all ideas or events are operating cooperatively to fulfill a definite purpose.  Man, for the first time, is able to see ideas as being self-existent, self-expressed, self-fulfilled and self-understood.  Like the shifts before it, this was an enormous breakthrough in man’s consciousness, so enormous and impactful it eventually led him to shift into an even higher paradigm, a paradigm enabling him to view life and reality from a

structured state, where man is, at long last, able to look out from the whole, grasping all the relationships and interrelationships of systems upon systems that make up the whole.  When man’s consciousness is completely familiar and comfortable with this structural view of life, it will, as it has before, run into anomalies this structural state is not able to answer.  Dissatisfied with these anomalies, realizing there must be more to life than what he is currently observing, man will begin to question what this more is, opening his mind and, ultimately his consciousness to the major shift that can and will provide the answers.  When the answers finally dawn on him it will be because he has spontaneously morphed from a structural state of consciousness to a

dimensional state of consciousness.  He suddenly understands that within the structure of the whole there are many dimensions, many levels, and that the structure of Being operates on all of these dimensions, all of these levels.  Man is still in the process of expanding his conscious understanding of this dimensional view of life and the universe of being.  This will go on until, at some point, he will find himself suddenly shifting from this dimensional state of consciousness to a

cybernetic state of consciousness, where he realizes that within the dimensional structure of the entirety of Being there exists a constant flow of information and communication.  He will understand that Being and its universe is not only dimensional it is cybernetic; indicating that information is flowing or communicating freely within Being’s self-organizing system by means of a self-regulating circuit which maintains a positive and negative feedback loop.  In other words, within the entire dimensional structure-model of being, there is a constant flow of information and communication.  Ultimately this cybernetic state of conscious awareness will lead man and, therefore us, to leap into a

comprehensive awareness of the reality of being, where man fully comprehends and embraces the entire Model of Being, his conscious connection with the One Infinite Being fully restored.*

Some of us may have already made most, if not all, of these leaps, shifting paradigms ahead of the collective consciousness.  Most have not.  But whether or not we have experienced these profound breakthroughs in consciousness yet, we will.  For as more and more of the individuals populating Earth make these shifts the tide will turn.  The higher understanding of the majority consciousness will impact the minority consciousness, helping it leap into the higher states it enjoys at core.  It is inevitable.  Man will awaken to the divine comprehensive consciousness he was instilled with, naturally taking on the eternal newness Life is generating.  This promise lives in our hearts and the depth of our soul.  We can embrace it and are blessed when we do.

For which of us would not want a higher, more profound view of the reality of being?  Which of us would consciously deny ourselves the privilege of entering the higher, more pristine, states of being where the goodness of life is far more evident?   Which of us would not desire to live in a state of consciousness where life is lived with a greater sense of calm and ease and joy?  Which of us would not like to fully grasp how the universe works, so we don’t inadvertently work against it?  Which of us would not like to fully understand the timelessness of being and our own immortality, consciously connecting with the omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and infinitude of being?  The promise of doing this is great.  Let us invite the paradigm shifts that are destined to take place within us, trusting that Truth is supporting each and every leap in consciousness we will be experiencing. 

* reference: Dr. Max Kappeler’s research and insights into the evolution of consciousness