Peace.  The word trips off our tongues, echoing the deep desire of our hearts.  Yet are we willing to do what it takes to translate our desire into reality?  Are we willing to fully investigate and ponder the nature of peace and how it may best be achieved?  Are we motivated to go beyond this external type of inquiry, inspired to turn within to explore the presence of peace that lives deep inside us?  If so, will we quiet our minds, hearts, emotions and physical senses well enough to clear the way for this inward journey? Will we consecrate ourselves to it, not giving up until we go deep enough into the stillness to attain a state of peace, resting in this holy state until it resounds through the entirety of our being?  Will we take this inward journey often enough for peace to become natural to us, so natural we experience serenity and tranquility from morning till night?  If we truly want our lives and the world to be at peace, we will do what these questions ask of us, and be inspired to do even more.  For, well intentioned as our desire for peace may be, it is naive of us to believe we or the world will experience true peace by simply wishing for it or praying for it.  Man’s long history of contentious, aggressive, violent, warlike behavior clearly demonstrates this point.  Thereby, for the world to be at peace, we, who make up the world and contribute to its collective consciousness, must elevate ourselves to a state of peace.  When the majority of us are able to attain this state, the rest of the world’s inhabitants will naturally follow.  For the peaceful vibration radiating from those of us who have found peace will impact and raise the vibration of those who have not, making it easier for them to do so.

Clearly man has a way to go before the serenity and tranquility of peace prevail on Earth, but we need not despair.  Man is destined to achieve this benign state.  Its promise lies at the core of his being.  Divine Love has put it there and will keep it there until it is, at last, fulfilled.  When we are still enough, we can hear this promise echoing in our heart, reminding us of the peaceful existence Love intends for us and all.  Why wait?  Why not honor Love’s promise now, turning within and opening ourselves to the deep comfort that comes to all who are willing to plumb the depths of their being until they reach a state of peace.  Why not get past our conscious or unconscious resistance, break through the barriers this resistance has built, discovering peace of mind, heart, body and soul in the process?  Why not go beyond the nightly reports of the news, stop getting shook up by the world’s machinations, manipulations and atrocities and turn instead to the sanctuary of Soul where true peace prevails, going deeper and deeper into this sanctuary until we find ourselves at peace?  Why not steep ourselves in this peace, allowing it to radiate through our entire being, lifting our vibration to the higher, more refined, vibratory state that leads to true brotherhood, harmony and peaceful co-existence?  Why not experience these blessings while we still walk the planes of Earth?  There is nothing to stop us but our limited mortal beliefs, distractions, apathy and our conscious or unconscious resistance.

Let us desire to overcome these formidable foes.  Let us realize how life changing it will be when we can get past them.  Consider how much better our lives would be if our minds, hearts and bodies were at peace, so securely at peace nothing negative or evil could harm or affect us.  Think about it.  If our minds were at peace, no bewildering, bothersome or frightful thoughts or images could mesmerize or assail us.  If our hearts were at peace, no bad, sad, negative or reactive feelings could intrude on our mood, impair our attitude or block or retard our intuition or inspiration.  If we were able to carry a deep sense of peace with us throughout our days, we couldn’t be thrown off balance, succumbing to anger or depression, or the other types of raw emotions that rob us of our calm and joy.  Stress would no longer cause our bodies to contract and become ill.  If peace were resounding through every cell of our bodies, our cells and, therefore, our bodies would renew themselves with ease.  Having peace within, would naturally allow us to have peaceful relations with those who share this world with us.  It would make it possible for us to circumvent misunderstandings and disagreements, find solutions that would help us and others live at peace with each other.  Living productively and harmoniously with others, past grievances and future fears would cease to determine our reactions, choices and actions.  We could devote ourselves to becoming enlightened, spontaneously shifting into ever higher states of consciousness and love.  All vestige of jealousy, envy, hatred, malice, war and fear would dissolve into the nothingness from whence they came.  Only love would remain, impartial, unconditional, all-encompassing universal love, the kind of love that bonds us with all creation, enabling us to bless and be blessed by all.  We would find ourselves in our heavenly home, discovering that, in truth, we never left.  Would this not be the pearl of great price, one we would do anything to experience?

So let us set out on our journey to find peace, inviting Love to guide us every step of the way.  Let our desire be so strong, our willingness to follow Love’s lead so pure and genuine we can overcome any distraction or obstacle that may turn up to block or delay us.  Let us trust that the supreme infinite Love that generates and establishes peace in the universe, is drawing us back to this peaceful state, ushering us in through insights dawning upon our conscious understanding, insights that help us look at the world through Love’s eyes, rather than the mortal eyes we habitually look through.  Let us welcome this expansive view of reality, allowing it to lift our understanding to the greater heights where peace is ever more evident.  Let us open ourselves to the full radiance of peace, inviting it to permeate the entirety of our being.  Let the serenity and tranquility that comes with peace stay with us from morning till night, regardless of what life brings to tempt us to return to a lessor, more agitated, state.  Let us carry its benign atmosphere into our relations with others, witnessing how Love always provides ways to maintain harmony and resolve difficulties.  Let us be at peace.  Let us claim and accept the peace that flows from Love as our own.  Let us claim and accept that this peace belongs to all, that all can find, claim, accept and enjoy a state of peace if they too are willing to embark on the journey of its discovery. 

May the presence of the peace of Love permeate our world, dissolving the fear responsible for the atrocities of mankind, lifting man to his rightful estate in the peaceful kingdom Love has established for all.


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