Receiving the Gifts of Life

Life is the great philanthropist, giving, without reservation, to the entirety of its creation, supplying it with all it could ever need or want.  It needs no encouragement to do this.  For, being the Creator of all, the great giver of life that has given us our life, it must express all that it is, imbuing us with every quality of its nature, every function of its divine system.  The mortal of us may think this improbable, but the divinity of us knows better.  It knows that the great giver of life is eternally giving and that we are the recipients of its gifts, all of them feeding and fueling our being and experience, enhancing it from eternity to eternity. 

So why does the mortal of us feel so short-changed?  Why does it feel as if it is missing qualities and functions that would make its life better, easier, more complete and fulfilled, that, for whatever reason it has been given only bits and pieces of Life’s nature, while others have been withheld.  From the mortal’s point of view this is a reasonable question.  For it sees lack everywhere and blames Life for failing to give the expressions of its creation all they need to live a full and joyous life.  At least that’s what its senses report.  But are these senses correct?  Is their observation accurate?  Not really.  For their perspective is limited by the constraints of its material emphasis and the narrow band through which they perceive reality.

Not so for the divine senses of man.  Being unlimited, they are well aware of the bountiful outpouring of Life and the cornucopia of blessings spiritual man is enjoying.  They are well aware of the deep connection man has with the Life-Force eternally ushering him into existence, and of how this connection is forever allowing him to live and flourish in Life’s vitalizing energetic flow, the never-ending flow supplying him with all he could ever need or want.

If we have a choice, and we do, would it not be in our best interest to expand our sensing capacity beyond its current limits so we may experience life from this divine point of view?  Would it not save us a lot of pain and suffering?  I believe it would.  For as we expand our sense of who and what we are, the limitations causing us to believe we or others lack something would begin to fall away, the qualities, functions and opportunities we seem to lack being restored to us in the process.  Think of the impact this would have on our lives.  We would find ourselves becoming more enlightened, growing in wisdom, spirituality, selflessness and the ability to live in accord with the infinite Principle that governs the universe, following its lead, obeying its superior laws.  We would become more energetic, creative, whole and healthy, more genuinely appreciative, inclusive, universally supportive and at peace.  Treasures all. 

But how are we to do this?  How can we move beyond the limits of our five physical senses into the expanded sense of life we believe is possible?  First, we must want to, for desire is prayer, and the prayer of right desire is always granted, as long as we are sincere and willing to devote ourselves to its cause.  Second, we must turn within to the realm not influenced by the narrow band of information our physical senses are reporting, consciously intending to reconnect with the more expanded sense perception that belongs to us at core, having faith we will be shown the way.  For some of us the way may open up easily, for others not.  But, regardless of how this unfolds, we must keep the faith, turning within as often as life allows, through prayer, meditation, conscious breathing, yoga or other centering practices, music, nature or by simply shutting our eyes for a moment and dropping into the silence of our inner being.  Like all other activities we desire to succeed at, we must practice, practice, practice, letting our skill develop as we do, not giving up if the going gets a bit rough or our personal mortal ego throws stumbling blocks in our way.  And it may, for this personal sense of self has no intention of being ousted from its seat of control, having ruled us effectively for as long as we can remember, dominating us with its needs and ambitions, cares and responsibilities, its ability to convince us we are on our own, having to survive in a competitive, sometimes hostile world, needing to sacrifice and work hard if we are to keep ourselves and those we love afloat.  Yet, despite its best efforts, it is not the master of our fate.  We can be free of it, making the journey from physical sense to spiritual sense in spite of the smoke screens our personal mortal ego throws in our way.  We can transit from a sense of self-centered independence to the surrendered state of divine connection that enables us to once again receive Life’s amazing bountiful gifts.

So cast off this harbinger of doom, surrendering it to the fire of your new found inspiration.  Open to the influx of Life, inviting it to flood the entirety of your being with its divine energy, letting this energy permeate every fiber, leavening you, raising your vibration, shifting you from a material to a spiritual base.  Ride the wave of this energy as it lifts you to new heights, new levels of awareness, new effortless ways to live and express and give.  Spread your wings and fly above the world of lack that seemed so real, understanding it never was, that then, like now, the universe of Life’s creating is privy to all that Life is, reflecting this isness on every plane of existence.

Celebrate Life.  Celebrate the miraculous gift of your life.  It is so much more wondrous than you or I can begin to imagine.

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