Rediscovering our Soul

Freedom.  Man's eternal wish.  Whatever the age, whatever the circumstance, man has always wanted to be free of the restrictions and limitations curtailing the quality of his life.  We are no different.  We too wish to be free of anything causing us pain and suffering.  We run from it, hide from it; attempt to devise methods to circumvent it.  Yet, in the end, some form of pain or suffering finds its way to our door.  It seems it must, for in the dualistic realm that defines our current reality, balance is achieved through opposing conditions.  Consequently, as we seek pleasure, it inevitably brings with it its opposite, pain, pleasure and pain being two sides of a single coin.  Whether we realize it or not, what we really desire to be free of is dualism and the realm of polar opposites robbing us of the serenity and tranquility that bring ease and joy to life. 

If we understood how, we would release ourselves from this dualism right now, breaking free of the mortal conditions imprisoning us in a separate material body, ruled by a private personal mind; a mind that flits from pole to pole, immersing us in the emotions it conjures at either pole.  Yes.  Like the game of monopoly, we would like to be given a "get out of jail free" card, with the ability to utilize this card at will.  Unfortunately, it isn't quite that simple.  Unless the "get out of jail free" card comes along with an instruction booklet on how to first release ourselves from the little "i" that identifies itself as having a personal mind encased in a material body, an ego-body that rules the roust in the land of polar opposites it has devised, demanding we choose one or the other at all times. 

No.  In order to have a life free of human bondage we need to move from the poles of our current dualistic inclinations toward a central point of balance, each move toward balance helping us detach from the seeming negatives and positives inundating our life, e.g. from being villain or victim, powerful or weak, angry or depressed, good or bad, from any emotional or physical state holding us to one pole or the other.  This can take a moment or many lifetimes.  Either way, we will ultimately find ourselves dropping into a state of deep equilibrium, naturally entering the higher reality that knows no limits or boundaries, a self-regenerating, eternally healthy, blissful reality where opposites are no longer required to maintain balance.  We will, in effect, be resurrecting from the plane of our mortal perceptions, exchanging the conditions of our current identification for the immortal selfless identity that belongs to us at core.

The question is, "Where is this priceless booklet, this instruction book that holds the key to our freedom?"   It lays within each and every one of us, within the Soul that is the true Self of our being, the knowing Soul that contains every secret, every blessed impulse we need in order to move into the spiritual state of equilibrium that holds the key to our resurrection.  We need to go deep enough within to understand its wordless instructions, embodying them in a way that alters and blesses our lives.  If we are in the midst of one of life's storms, be it delivered through our physical senses, our psyche or the dramas of the world, we need to stop in our tracks, take a deep conscious breath and gently release ourselves to the quietude of our spiritual center, yielding all the thoughts, images and emotions giving energy to the storm.  We can meditate or pray, listen to uplifting music or breathe in the beauty of nature, whatever helps us detach from the reality of the storm, letting its seeming power over our lives or the lives of others fade from our consciousness, all injustices, dangers, pains and problems.  At which point we will sit in the eye of the storm, unruffled by the turmoil appearing to rage within our minds, bodies or the outside world of human relations and natural disasters. 

This divine and eternal Soul that holds the key to our safety and survival is our true Soul, the everlasting untouchable identity of our being.  It is our true Self, the only Self we actually possess. Like Soul, it is infinite, not finite.  Therefore, it cannot be encased in a material form or a mental psyche.  It is unbound, unlimited, free of any restricting characteristic or function, anything that would condemn it to a life that could come or go, rise or fall, sin or suffer.  Its value is immeasurable.  Its worth is unassailable.  This Self that is our true Self is, as it has always been, immortal.  Thereby, as we awaken from the dream of mortality, detaching from the little "i" we believe to be us, we are destined to discover the intrinsic immortality of our being, the essential us that never degrades to an entropic state, decaying as it transits from one expression of life to another.  Its self-renewal is spontaneous, timeless and eternal. 

Soul's character is our true character; its qualities are our true qualities, the qualities of our conscious identity.  They live inside us, testifying to the pure unselfed beings we truly are.  Yet, until we break our attachment to the private self of our creating, we cannot benefit from them.  They will lie dormant and unavailable, unable to extend their blessings into our lives.  Only as we move toward spiritual center, surrendering our private sense of self, are we able to reap the benefits of these divine qualities, every shift enabling us to be more insightful, intuitive and sinless, more able to understand and demonstrate our true character, more able to find our way from immorality to morality to our intrinsic spirituality, letting this spirituality shine through our being, blessing us and all.

Let us embrace the promise of this blessing, doing our best to reengage the radiant character of our true Self, our true Soul, expressing this radiance in our lives.  Let us consciously choose to move from the push and pull of opposing conditions to the quiet inner sanctuary that holds the key to our ultimate resurrection, trusting that each move toward spiritual center is restoring a chunk of our missing identity, allowing us to live a greater, more satisfying and sanctified life.  Let us understand that it is liberating us from the constricting conditions bringing trials and tribulations into our life, supplanting these trials and tribulations with joyful activity and new creative opportunity, with expectancy, enthusiasm and grace.  Our capacity to see, hear, smell, touch and taste will be liberated as well, expanding to a deeper, more valid sense of life and the universe of being.  Let us realize that as we move into the infinite withinness of our unbounded being, we will be transforming, each minor and major transformation transporting us toward a state where no boundaries exist to limit life's possibilities. 

This promise is written in the depth of our being.  Now is the time to claim it.  Now is the time to claim our freedom from the bondage of mortality, breaking through all of its mental, physical and emotional barriers.  Now is the time to cut mortality's chains and emancipate ourselves from the disguises cloaking our true identity.  Now is the time to reclaim our immortal Soul.  It is our inalienable right, our destiny, our divine opportunity.  With it comes unfathomable bliss, joy and contentment.

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