Spiritual Sensitivity

We are living sentient beings, permeable to the desires and intentions of the Being that created us, permeable to its all-encompassing light and energy, receiving the grandeur and purpose of this light and energy, allowing it to flow into every cavern of our being.  We are divine sensitives, open to the bliss and blessedness eternally filling our angelic Soul, forever enjoying the resounding presence of Love.

It may appear as if we have lost touch with the fullness of what we are and the extent to which we receive our impressions from Being, that our divinely sensitive nature has somehow been compromised, damaged or destroyed.  But, in reality, it has not.  No part of our receptivity has been hurt or shut down.  It is intact.  We are fully able to receive the divine impressions we are designed to receive, able to sense all that is transpiring in the heavenly realm of being.  Despite appearances to the contrary, we never fell into an unconscious or semi-conscious state where the darkness of our dreams appears to impress us as much as the lit impressions coming from the Divine.  We have never contracted from the belief that we lost access to the ideas pouring from the fount of Being or turned ourselves inside out in an attempt to reconnect with them, feeling and sensing shadows instead of the actualities of being.  We are divine sensitives, right here, right now.  We just have to awaken to this fact, turning our gaze from the outside world of material forms to the infinite withinness we share with all the expressions of life.  We need to turn within over and over until it is the most natural thing we do, until the language of Spirit is our natural language and the sanctuary of Soul our natural home.  As we do we will regain our conscious connection with our spiritual sense, its benefits being restored to us.

Bit by bit or all at once if we are supremely blessed, we will find our spiritual sensors beginning to work efficiently again, restoring the full perception of life we are meant to have, the perception that receives impressions beyond the physical and mental arenas stemming from our loss of conscious connection. Bit by bit we will find that the impressions we take in from the outside world will be enhanced and transformed by our developing spiritual sight, hearing, touch taste and smell, that the limited spectrum of our physical senses is ceasing to dominate our impression of reality, controlling what we experience as our body, as well as our reaction to all the bodies making up the universe, not just the bodies living on Earth, but cosmic bodies as well, reducing their magnetic influence, exchanging it for the benign influence that imparts only blessing.  As our five physical senses cease to dominate our interpretation of life, the material world will cease to have so much sway with us, including the world’s atmospheric conditions and the food we ingest to stay alive.  The strength of their influence will be superseded by the strength of the spiritual energy actually feeding and fueling our life.

As we touch more deeply into the inner sanctuary of Soul the influences upon our psyches will be subdued as well.  All the influences coming from our thoughts or the thoughts of others will begin to subside, be they casual or obsessive, well meaning or malevolent.  Private and public opinion will no longer have the power to pressure or endanger us, subjecting us to unnecessary physical and emotional stress and strain.  For we will be turning within for the only opinion that counts, that of the divine creative Principle that oversees the universe, responding to its judgment, understanding that it alone has a comprehensive enough view to identify that which is true and valid, including whether our sensors are turned to Spirit or to the magical material limited realm we have come to believe is our own.

Please understand and accept that the world we live in is far greater than the one our physical and psychic senses are testifying to, willingly expanding your horizons beyond their limited input.  Please understand and accept that you are fully capable of being spiritually sensitive, fully capable of sensing the ideational realm created by the Mind of Being, letting Mind’s ideas ignite the informational program underwriting your being, lifting it beyond the confines of your hereditary and educational inclinations.  Please understand and accept that you are fully capable of sensing the highest level of reality, receiving its pure spiritual impressions, instead of the sense impressions of an alternate material reality, imbibing and reflecting these spiritual impressions, these qualities of your true divine nature.  Please understand and accept that you are fully capable of holding on to your divine nature when temptation comes along to test your resolve, that your spiritual sense is strong enough to demand your allegiance, keeping your divinity intact, no matter what attempts to assail it, that you are like Being, divine.  Please understand and accept that your identity is sound and secure and regulated by the operative Principle of the Soul of Being, that it never got cut off from Being, believing its sensory ability was damaged in the process, that it functions at peak capacity right now.  Please understand and accept that your spiritual sense is alive and well, whole, healthy, intact and fully capable of awakening you to this fact, fully capable of consciously ushering you into the full resonant presence of being where you are basking in its warmth.

You are a living sentient being, fully permeable to Spirit, to Soul, sensitive to the beauty and wonder of being.  You need only to remember this, willingly embracing the joyful essence of this beauty that resides deep within you. Why not throw caution to the winds and jump into the blissful field of Soul now.

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