The All-powerful Presence of Divine Love

There is nothing more powerful than Divine Love.  No magic or evil can withstand it, no physical or psychic trauma or conflict, no personal, political or economic power grabs. imploding energies or faulty, diseased or destructive states of consciousness.  Nothing.  Not even the greatest fear or deadliest war.  All of it vaporizes as the presence of Love permeates the field in which it appears to reign.  So no matter what we seem to be facing, Divine Love can and will transmute it the moment we open ourselves to its radiant presence, inviting this presence to resound through our being, pouring its healing balm into the circumstance of our concern or dread, mitigating them, transforming their low vibration into the high vibration that more closely resembles Love’s heavenly energy.  This said, the question is: how can we do this?  How can we let go of enough anxiety and fear to open up to the demonstrable healing presence of Love?  

Firstly, we can breathe.  Simply breathe, focusing on the inhalation and exhalation of our breath to the exclusion of all else, most importantly the exclusion of the thoughts and beliefs fanning the flame of our discomfort.  And we can keep breathing.  Consciously breathing.  All the while drawing the focus of our attention inward toward the stillness that lies beneath the disquieting thoughts and images assailing our thought, entering this stillness more deeply with every breath.  Then, despite the temptation to do otherwise, we can stay there, resting in the stillness until a sense of calm begins to rise within us, letting this calm expand until it is stronger than the discomfort assailing us.  Continuing to breathe or to meditate or pray, we can hold onto this calmness, this deep sense of inner security, staying in the eye of the mental, emotional or physical storm brewing about or within us.  Centering and re-centering in this sacred space, we can invite the All-powerful Force of Love to work out the solution that will bless us and others the most, trusting with every fiber of our being that it can and will, utilizing any means at its disposal.

When we do this, our energy begins to change for the better, causing miracles to appear, each miracle bearing evidence of Love’s powerful healing presence.  We can expect this evidence, trusting it will come and welcoming every sign and synchronicity that appears in our lives, understanding each to be a testament of Love’s ability to overturn the evidence of our earthly concerns or fears.  Go through this process as many times as it takes for you to raise the low vibration that brought the circumstance causing you discomfort into your life or the lives of others.  Don’t give up until you gain access to the healing presence of Love, letting this holy presence permeate your being until it lifts your vibration to a higher energetic level, possibly a higher paradigm or state of consciousness, one that will spontaneously bring better, more holistic, circumstances into your life and the lives of all who seem to be affected. 

Please do not doubt this.  Do not doubt the power of Love to rectify any circumstance, no matter how gross or widespread.  Divine Love is real, and powerful enough to meet any challenge.  As you open to its presence and allow it to permeate your being, it alters your reality, in turn altering your experience, bringing it into closer accord with Itself.  There is no guarantee it will simultaneously alter another’s experience, but it can if they are open to the resonance of the higher vibratory level you have entered.  Certainly there is nothing to prevent them from doing this.  For, on the deeper levels of their being, they live in the midst of the high vibration that permeates the unified field of Love as much as we do, sharing its loving benign presence, its wholeness and universal peace. 

No matter what lies are masking this from their countenance or our own, no matter the depth to which we or another seem to have fallen, Divine Love is ever behind the scenes, filling the entire universe of being, including us, with its holiness, peace and heavenly perfection.  From the standpoint of Love, there are no fallen angels.  It only knows us as we truly are: conscious, energetic universal beings, dwelling in a state of divine oneness. 

We have the inalienable right to know ourselves this way right now, to focus on the sacredness of our inner being, letting its purity and goodness permeate our nature, leavening it until only the sacredness of us remains.  We have a right to identify with this sacredness, with the Soul of our being, the Soul of Being Itself, allowing it to transmute our current sense of ourselves, exalting us beyond the limitations of our current experience.  We have a right to so fully identify with this exalted sense of ourselves that the more limited sense of us falls by the wayside, ceasing to negatively influence our character or body.  We have the right to be governed by the operating Principle of Love, to be so well aligned with it, it automatically regulates our relationships and activities, imbuing them with harmony and effortlessness.  We have the inalienable right to tap into the fount of Being, letting its vitalizing energy and boundless creativity flow into and through us, expressing without reservation in all the avenues of our lives.  We have the right to be fully conscious, to reclaim the enlightened Consciousness to which we are heir, letting its Divine Light transmute the darkness that has seemed to engulf our understanding, letting it wake us at every turn.  The indwelling Truth of Love gives us these rights.  I would encourage you to claim them, allowing the Supreme Presence of Divine Love to transform your experience, expanding it to a state of blessedness.

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