The Eternal Light of Being

In the consciousness of Being there is no darkness, no unenlightened or unaware states of consciousness, no subconsciousness or unconsciousness, no delusions, murky dreams or erroneous corridors of mortal thought.  Only Light, illumining the entirety of Being and Being's expression, including that which appears as you and me.  Thereby, in reality, we are fully lit.  Awake.  Conscious of the everlasting divinity of our being, no part of our consciousness condemned to a state unlike the effulgent consciousness of the Being that conceived and created us.  Made in the image and likeness of Being, we have the capacity to know what Being knows, to see as Being sees, to live as Being lives.  We may currently believe this capacity has dimmed or become dormant, but that does not mean it is so.  The Light of Being’s divine consciousness burns brightly deep inside us, forever enlightening and informing us about all that truly is.

Whether we realize it or not, it is informing us this very moment, giving us insight after insight about Life and our own immortal being.  It is igniting our understanding, turning confusion into clarity, weakness into strength, suffering and pain into freedom and joy.  This very moment the divine Light of Being is flooding our consciousness, restoring every facet of it to its ideal state.  It is correcting any misunderstandings we have inadvertently accepted, revising our interpretation of life to comply with its own, altering the altitude from which we view and experience life until every element and function of our being operates as efficiently and effectively as it is meant to.  It is continually vitalizing and renewing us, filling us so full of the energy of Life, we live without the least effort or strain.  Life is effortless when we are open and receptive to the outpouring of the great Life-Force of Being.  The more Light we let in, the more conscious we become, the more whole our life experience becomes, until, ultimately, we find we are living in a full state of grace. 

Given this great promise, the promise of living life effortlessly and gracefully, why would we not surrender the dreams we have fallen heir to and let the Light of Being, the Light of Truth, flood our consciousness, awakening us to the enlightened state we are meant to enjoy.  We have nothing to lose by awakening, except the dreamscapes of sleep that are currently inhibiting our life experience.   So let us willingly surrender our attachments to the dream we seem to be walking around in, trusting that our lives will steadily improve as we do.  Nothing real or viable or permanent will leave our lives, only that which is unreal, unviable and impermanent . . . only the versions of ourselves and our experiences created by the shadows distorting our inner light.  May we be willing to let in so much Light that all the shadows disappear, allowing us to bask in the warmth and beauty, freedom and health that we are truly heir to.  Let it be NOW.


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