The Miracle of Forgiveness

Spend one hour in total forgiveness and your life will change for the better.  Spend consecrated time each day forgiving and your life will change forever, blossoming in ways you cannot begin to imagine.  Forgiveness is that powerful.   For it releases us from the pains of the past, which, in turn, allows us to experience the joys and opportunities of the present, something we all wish, but often have difficulty accomplishing.  Since our wounds can run deep and hide under layers of regret and resentment.  Yet, regardless of their depth or cause or tenacity, regardless of whether they were self inflicted or inflicted upon us by others, we can be free of them, released from the imprint the stories behind them have made on our psyche and cells.  Granted, this takes patience and the willingness to let go of our attachment to these stories, filling our hearts with love, love for the miraculous beings we truly are, as well as love for the mortals we seem to be, foibles and all.  Only in this atmosphere of love can we truly forgive ourselves and others for the mistakes, missteps and misunderstandings that have led to our hurtful words and actions.  Without love, without mercy, we cannot truly forgive.  Until we can, the past will continue to haunt us, replaying its stories in our daily lives till we excise their root, expunging it in the benign solution of love.  

As we realize this, as we realize we are condemning ourselves to repeat the past until we forgive ourselves and others for our past transgressions, as we determine to let go of the past by filling our hearts with love, we are doing ourselves and the world a great service.  For, as love flows into our heart and resounds through the rest of our body, it raises our vibration, which, in turn, raises the vibration of the collective, this higher vibration having a beneficial effect on all.  In short, forgiving opens our hearts to love and as love floods in it raises the frequency of our vibration, positively transforming our lives and the lives of others.  

So let us be kind to ourselves and others  Let us detach from the stories playing over and over in our heads and hearts, letting go of our frustration, anger, bitterness and resentment, our sorrow, regret and feelings of victimization.  Let us stop judging and assigning blame, stop rationalizing and justifying our reactions and actions, stop thinking of retorts and how we can alter or avenge the situation, stop turning to food or drugs or anything handy to restore our sense of balance and calm.  Let us give it all up, surrendering it over and over until our minds become quiet and our hearts become calm, compassionate and forgiving.  Let us forgive ourselves for being mortal, for missing the mark, for sliding down a slippery slope into a valley of negative emotions, habits and behaviors, wallowing in our self imposed misery.  Let us release ourselves from this misery.  And let us resolve to do this now. 

The quickest way to do this is to realize that, at core, all of us are intrinsically good, pure, noble, just and kind.  I know this may be hard for you to believe and accept, given how far some of us have strayed from our true nature, but I assure you it is true.  Beneath the layers of our flawed mortality we are divine, completely and thoroughly divine.  We have simply lost sight of who and what we really are, forgotten that we were made in the image and likeness of God, of Spirit, of Love.  We didn’t mean to lose sight of our true nature.   We didn’t mean to fall into an  unconscious or semiconscious state, viewing ourselves and life from its skewed perspective, we just did.  But that doesn’t mean we have to remain in this unconscious or semiconscious state.  We can begin to awaken from it right now, realizing if we had been more conscious, more aware of our true nature, we would have behaved differently.  In other words, if we had known how to do it better, we would have done it better.  And the same is true for others, if they had known how to do it better, they would have done it better.  Once we realize and accept this, forgiving comes more easily.  Once we acknowledge and reclaim the divine nature that lies within us all, holding the vision and reality of this nature in the forefront of our minds and hearts, we will be able to forgive any injustice.  Regardless of how impossible this may seem, we will, the act of forgiving feeing us from the past and opening us to the grand opportunities that exist in the present.  This is the miracle of forgiveness, the miracle that melts away bitterness and resentment, cancels reactive revenge and transforms our countenance to one of benevolence, tolerance and love.  

So, let us courageously jump into the fray, honestly searching our hearts for any grievance we may be holding, any sorrow or regret, any past trauma lodged in our memories, demanding to be replayed, anything casting a shadow over our lives, dimming our prospects for a contented happy productive life.  Let us take a deep breath and bravely face the gremlins of our past, whether this past was ancient history or only a few moments ago, surrendering our attachment to the traumatic event until a sense of calm and peace washes through our minds and hearts, dissolving the pain of our emotional reaction, neutralizing it, healing us and those involved in the process.  Let us desire with all our hearts to have enough objectivity, clarity and courage to do this, forgiving ourselves and others for the part we played in the event or events, forgiving life, forgiving God for what we perceived to be acts of unfairness or cruelty.  Let us willingly stand back and take the larger view of of life that will help our hearts let go of their pain and the stress and tension this pain is causing, vowing to let it all melt into the Spirit of Love until not one speck of it is left to harm us or another.  Let us bless ourselves and the world.  Now.  There is no better time.  No other time for us to absolve ourselves and others of our sins, finding the mark and securing fastening ourselves to it, restoring balance and beauty to our lives.  We can do it.  We can forgive anything and everything.  It is the way of our higher nature, the way of love that is built into our soul.  Let us honor it, living in a state of forgiveness, love continually pouring into and out of our hearts.  And let us master this so we can truly be at peace.


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