The Wisdom and Beauty of Spiritual Surrender

Our hearts speak to us of a realm beyond our everyday perception, a holy realm where goodness and beauty prevail and life is not subject to evil or decay.  Are we listening?  Are we willing to take in the import of our hearts’ message, allowing it to awaken and inspire us? Are we open to letting it challenge our view and experience of life, changing it for the better?  If not, it is time to reassess our lives, moving beyond the stories playing out in our everyday existence to the sacred space our hearts are holding.  It is time to turn inward, dropping into the stillness that will allow us to hear their profound and prophetic message, the clarity and reality of this message becoming more apparent the deeper we go.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we  long to live in the world our hearts are in touch with.  Is it not time to acknowledge this longing, doing whatever it takes to tune into the spiritual force provoking it?   It would seem that it is.

It would seem it is time to prioritize our inward journey, time to drop beneath the superficial level of our lives to the deeper levels of conscious awareness that exist at our core, letting go of the thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations standing in our way.  No matter how difficult, no matter how resistant we may  find ourselves to be, it would seem it is time to discover the secrets that lie hidden within us, time to be blessed, to find lasting inner contentment and peace.  It is the time to embark on our spiritual journey, but we must recognize that it is and choose to do so, having faith that as we set out on this grand adventure, we will be led every step of the way.  The Life-Force that brought us and all into existence will see to it.  For it has never lost touch with us, despite our belief that it has, a belief that can only be remedied by reestablishing our conscious connection with this Life-Force, letting it direct and protect our lives.

Reestablishing this connection is easier than we might think.  All we have to do is close our eyes to the material world around us and enter into a prayerful meditative surrendered state, letting go of all the intrusive thoughts, feelings and physical sensations that tend to draw us out of this state.  We have to gently drop into stillness, moving through it to our spiritual core, to the divine essence of us that has never lost touch with the Life-Force that created us.  Then simply hang out with our divine essence until it becomes more real to us than the persona we present to ourselves and the world, until we can feel ourselves reconnecting with the Life-Force that created us, until we are aware of its divine intent and are naturally surrendering to it, until its desires become our desires, its impulses the motive force behind our choices and actions.

Doing this often brings great rewards, not the least being our increasing wisdom, purity and spiritual understanding.  Then our faith is not blind, nor our surrender a sacrifice.  To the contrary, consciously surrendering the unenlightened version of us for the enlightened version is a blessing beyond compare.

With this in mind, let us embark on our spiritual journey, seeking to understand and experience the blessings it has in store for us.  Let us experience the blessing of surrendering our personal will and desires to the superior will and wisdom of the Life-Force that brought us and all into existence, allowing it to be our counselor, our advisor, our guide, the source of our insights and ideas, the redeemer of our narrow notions and beliefs. 

Let us experience the blessing that comes of giving up our negative attitudes and behaviors, the blessing of opening our hearts to the positivity and optimism rising from our core.  Let us reap the reward of surrendering anything base in our nature, anything  polluting our motives and intentions, any grievance we may be holding or complaint we may be tempted to spew out on another, awakening to the goodness, purity, beauty and strength that radiates from within. 

Let us receive the great blessing of surrendering our personal egos, the self-centered versions of us that make us feel as if we are the center of the universe and everything revolves around us.  Let us surrender any tendency we may have to be selfish or self-satisfied, self-pitying or insecure, experiencing the joy that radiates through us when we relinquish our sorrows and frustrations, our emotional irritations, anger and depression.  Let us experience the freedom that comes when we let go of anything in our character that keeps us off balance, any ingrained habit or craving robbing us of the deep sense of calm we are meant to enjoy.  Let us experience the great blessing of getting in touch with our true self, our Soul, our sinless immortal identity.

Let us experience the blessing of surrendering our personal control, ceding it not to an outside authority, but to the divine authority that operates on the deepest levels and dimensions of our being, allowing this divine authority to govern our life, infusing it with integrity and honesty and the natural ability to coordinate and cooperate.  Let us cede our personal ambitions, agendas, judgments and criticality, any tendency we have to be self-righteous or superior.  Let us discover how effortless and harmonious life becomes when we consciously choose to center, connect, yield and act under divine volition.  Let us enjoy the great blessing of becoming spiritual scientists: inquiring, investigating, exploring, testing, and taking note of how our lives steadily improve. 

Let us receive the blessing of surrendering our sense of lack, our sense that we are not being given everything we need to live a fruitful healthy energetic, creative and happy life, our belief that we lack intelligence, spirituality or the capacity for true joy, our belief that we have been cut off from our Source, from its power and strength and the unhampered flow of its energy, renewal and provision.  Let us surrender our belief that we lack fluidity or flexibility, that we are unable to live in the now because we are so mesmerized by our past we allow our present to be a replay of its events and experiences.  Let us surrender our belief that our lives are less than ideal, that we can or have succumbed to a state of dis-ease, that some part of our life is currently unhealthy.  Let us give up our sense of being isolated and alone, incomplete, unfulfilled and without purpose, realizing that, in reality, we lack nothing, that Life is giving us all we could ever need or want right now.  Let us experience the blessing of surrendering to Life, letting its divine energy flow into us and through us out into the world.  Let us discover the magnitude of Life.

Let us experience the great blessing of waking to the Truth, surrendering so fully it floods our consciousness with Light, rousing us from the darkness of our dreams, enlightening us, restoring us to our rightful, healthy, ideal state of being.  Let us enjoy the blessing that come from our letting go of all the lies, untruths, errors and phantoms stemming from the unconscious and subconscious states of our being, the blessings of surrendering our attachment to the mortal picture show that has risen from these states, the benefits of becoming more conscious of our divinity, more ideal, more whole.

Let us experience the enormous blessing of surrendering our fears and the jealousies, animosities, hatreds and wars born of these fears, letting them go, letting them dissolve as we find ourselves reentering the unified field of Love where we are one with all and all is one with us, the blessing of finding peace, deep everlasting peace. Discovering we are not alone in a hostile world, but one with all the life forms that make up the world, that we are of one mind, one heart, one soul, that in the unified field of oneness we naturally operate in accord with one another, that our relations are harmonious, our lives peaceful and fully supplied.  Let us experience the heavenly blessing of surrendering into this state of oneness, this state of unconditional overpowering love, feeling the contentment and touch of holiness that comes as we enter, the sense of completeness, belonging and fulfillment.  Let us surrender to Love, divine Love, letting it instill us with purpose as we do our part in its universal plan.

Surrendering is a holy act, the act of allowing ourselves to awaken to the real essence of our being, enjoying the glory, holiness and bliss that comes of remembering and reembodying our essence, our Soul, of fulfilling our divine destiny.  This is the wisdom and beauty of spiritual surrender.  The promise. 

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