Tuning Into Our Divine Intelligence

We all know what it’s like to be in the dark about something, wishing with all our might we had the ear of some spiritual mystic or fortune telling gypsy to turn to for insight and advice.  What if I told you that you do, that the mystic you wish for in your hours of need is right at hand, ready and willing to give you the information you so desperately desire.  You’d probably say I was nuts, that you’ve been in that situation plenty of times and no spiritual mystic or fortune telling gypsy has ever shown up to rescue you from the jumble of thoughts stealing your sanity, heading you toward confusion and despair.  And you’d be right if you were looking outside of yourself for this mystic.  But what if you realized the mystic you needed to turn to for advice lived inside you, deep inside of your being, beyond the intrusion of the story playing out in your head and your life.  What if you realized its all-knowing, all-seeing intelligence could solve all of your problems, not just the ones you are facing today, but the ones that may show up in your tomorrows.  Would it not be worth locating this all-knowing intelligence, even if it meant suspending your beliefs in the process? 

Why not find out?  Suspend your beliefs, your doubts, your habits of thinking for the time being, and explore the inner layers of your mind, those that stem not from your brain, but from the deep universal intelligence that gives rise to us all. Why not discover the wise seer that dwells inside of you.  What have you got to lose?

“Okay”, you say, “you’ve got my attention.  What would you have me do?”

    First, acknowledge that this divine intelligence is real and that it is possible for you to access its infinite wisdom.

    Second, intend to find it, focusing your thoughts, heart and energy toward its discovery.

    Third, have courage.  Have the willingness to overcome whatever obstacles your intellect and ego thrust in your way.

    Fourth, rely on the God Force that operates everything in the universe, letting it move you to your spiritual center, keeping you there as it alters your observation and insight.

    See the world through this powerful new lens.  Observe how the world appears when viewed from spiritual center.  Take note of how your new standpoint of observation is transforming your views and attitudes.

    Maintain this more expanded standpoint as you move through your day.  Notice how everything looks and feels different to you.  Notice how it is beginning to alter your outlook, expectations and experience.

    Be steadfast.  Don’t give up when the going gets tough, when your intellect or ego scream for attention, when your life gets so full of demands and desires your search for higher wisdom appears to fall by the wayside. 

    Remind yourself that there is a deep wise eternal part of you that is longing to be found, an essential part of you that knows the answers to all the questions before you even think to ask them.

    Love and appreciate this wise, insightful, divine intelligence, trusting it knows exactly how to guide you to the Mind responsible for all creation.  Prioritize it and continually claim it as your own. 

    Claim that the divine intelligence of the universal Mind of Being is your true intelligence, that the Mind it reflects is your true and actual mind. 

    Understand and claim that there is, in actuality, no other mind, no other creative mentality, that your sense of having a mind apart from this Mind is, in fact, an illusion derived from the false perception that you have been separated from its omnipresent field of activity. 

    Override this false sense of having a separate mind, a limited mortal mentality dependent upon the condition of a material brain for its ability to see, hear, feel, think and know.  Break the bounds of this unconscious belief and reclaim the divine intelligence that is yours and has always been yours.

    Accept the insights pouring forth from the divine intelligence of your being. Embrace each image and idea as its bursts forth into your thought, letting it inform and inspire you.  Let your ever expanding vision show you new opportunities and possibilities.

    Embrace these new opportunities and possibilities.  Give them your attention, your heart.  Allow them to replace the more limited, constrained, input that formerly ruled your life.  Allow them to supplant the beliefs, thoughts, desires and suppositions based on the information gathered by the perception of your physical senses and stored in the archive of your memory.

    Accept that new creative visions and solutions are being revealed to you right now.  Understand that they will most likely come in the areas you have cultivated. e.g. a musician will most likely get new creative musical ideas, a painter, amazing new pictorial ideas, a philosopher or physicist, philosophical or scientific ideas upon which to base new, more expanded, theories of man and the universe.

    Accept that wherever you put your mind and heart, the universe will follow.

    Cultivate the areas of your deepest interest, preparing yourself for new visions, new creative ideas, turning to the divine intelligence within you that holds these visions and ideas, ready to release them.  If you do you can expect new inspiration to fill your mind and expand the opportunities of your life.

Be your own mystic, your own fortune telling gypsy.  Suspend your beliefs and your habits of thought for a day, a week, a month, a lifetime, and discover the wonders that await you.  As I said above, what have you got to lose?  Strain?  Tension?  Confusion? Drama?  Disease?  Conflict?  All that derives from limited or distorted perception?   None of these come close to the treasures that dwell within the infinite Mind of Being, all of which belong to you once you surrender the mortal mentality that believes it is the creative center of your life.  Cut your ties.  Drop your baggage.  Take wings and fly.  Others have.  You can too.

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