Waking To Our Divine Consciousness

We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be at this moment.  We are light, not shadow, Spirit, not material particles, though our senses report us so.  We are the glorious presence that is the Soul of Being, empowered and governed by the most powerful Principle in the universe.  Our life is undying and eternal, our consciousness radiant and completely aware, not for an instant condemned to a state of dormancy in which dreams obscure the Truth and fable becomes fact.  We are Love, in the highest sense of its meaning: glorious, holy, holographic presentations of Being’s omnipresent expression.  No matter how real our waking or sleeping dreams may appear to us, they are not us.  So it is a blessing to let them go, allowing the light of Truth to flood our consciousness until every vestige of the shadow world vaporizes into its native nothingness.  Then and only then will our true essence be revealed, every part of it as exquisite and heavenly as the divine omniscient Being from which it stems. 

“But here I am,” you say, “caught in the byways of sleep, dreaming good dreams and bad, wishing with all my heart to discard their fiction, replacing it with the true facts that make up the divinity you say is me.  Here I am with my feet in two camps, receptive to the Truth and the lie all at once.  What can I do?  It’s not like I want to be drenched in the shadowy substance of my dreams, observing its forms wherever I look.  It’s not like I’m unwilling to observe myself and the world from a deeper, more accurate, perspective.  I am willing.  I’m just not sure how to fully take my attention from the dream world while I still seem to be living in it, how to observe the play of it without attaching to its stories, how to see through them to the true events transpiring in my divine consciousness.  I want to wake to Spirit.  I do.  I want to bypass mortality and death and wake to the fullness of Life, to be so invested in Truth that every error falls by the wayside and every fear is extinguished by the all-presence of eternal Love.  But how?”

Begin by realizing you are walking around in a waking dream, similar to your night dreams, but accepted as more real.  You know your night dreams have no power to harm you once you let go of their images and your emotional attachment to the dramas that played out through them.  You are aware of this, shaking them off as you move into your day.  You simply need to see and accept that your everyday reality is just another state of dreaming, and that whatever is going on within this dream will equally have no power to harm you if you take your attention from its fables, letting them dissolve in the light of the deeper facts of being that exist within you, facts the inner witness of you is well aware of.  You need to realize that it is possible for these divine facts to spring to the surface of your attention, and that when they do they will automatically eradicate the false notions that have hung out in their place, deluding you into believing they were true.  For every divine fact is born of Truth and carries its power to vanquish error.  No matter how loud the error may scream, it cannot in the end withstand the might and potency of Truth, for error is nothing in and of itself, only a mistake, a misconception stemming from our lack of conscious awareness.

As we awaken from the dream of mortality we know this.  Despite all evidence to the contrary we know this.  And this clear knowledge is all the armor we need.  It protects us by turning our attention from the clamoring voices of the dream to the still quiet voice of Truth that reigns within, the voice that speaks to us of the facts of being, emphasizing these facts until they are more real to us than the false images presenting in mortality’s tale.  Waking then is our simple key, becoming more aware, more conscious, more lit from within and transparent to the Truth, nothing remaining to impede its reception.  Thereby, the more transparent we are, the more permeable to Truth we are, the more able we are to reflect this Truth in our life, all the untruths resulting from mortality’s dream falling by the wayside. 

We may or may not be enjoying this transparent coherent lucid and fully aware state of being right now, but whether we are or not we can trust that it is going on behind the scenes.  Truth is enlightening our consciousness, infusing it with the capacity to spontaneously transform without degrading in the process. This is good news.  For what could be better than realizing that the divine state of our consciousness is ever in a state of wholeness and that this wholeness is available the moment we wake from the dream of mortal existence, that health, complete everlasting health, is not only possible, but built into the core of our being, that in a fully awakened transparent state we are now and forever absolutely whole. 

Please consider and act upon this as you move through your day.  Be willing to walk the world of dreams, but not be of them, not emotionally charged by them, despite the challenges they may seem to bring.  Be willing to ride above them, observing them, but not giving them the power to destroy your life or the lives of others.  In reality they cannot destroy a thing, though it may seem as if they can when we accept them as true.  Remind yourself that you are Spirit, that everything real about you is spiritual, that the you that seems to dwell in a particle universe is merely a perception of you, and that you have the right to alter this perception.  Then do whatever it takes to actually change the way you view and experience life, moving beyond the dream world to the reality of your divine existence. 

Turn within and pray.  Meditate.  Invite the shadows imperiling your conscious understanding of Truth to dissolve.  Open your heart, surrendering to the inner stillness, becoming so quiet, so transparent and crystal clear the images and voices within the dream no longer cloud the Truth from your consciousness.  Then stay with this Truth, holding onto it until it transforms your reactions to the dream, neutralizing them until the calm joyous sense of being that belongs to you returns.  Hold onto them until you feel no sense of jeopardy, until you are absolutely secure that a benevolent Principle is in charge of your life and the lives of those you love and care for.  Move forward in this sense of assurance, letting the inspired light of Truth uncover whatever is binding you to the dream, annihilating it by realizing it has no basis in reality, that it is merely the product of a consciousness that seems to have lost touch with the Truth, that whatever this dimmed consciousness is projecting is untrue and unable to prevail unless you give it the power to do so. 

Instead, turn inward to the light of Truth, giving it the power to prevail over error.  Stay as open, lucid, transparent and permeable to Truth as you can, letting it deliver you from the untruths that would plague your existence.  Trust that Truth can and will give you safe passage to the heavenly shore that waits beyond the dream, each shift in your awakening consciousness giving you a greater sense of this heaven, each healing you of a damage the dream has imposed upon your life.  Let this powerful divine Truth flow into you and through you, warming you in the embrace of its ever-lasting omniscience.  Let it wake you and keep you awake should the lure of the dream come knocking on your door.  Let it give you the courage to bar the door from its entrance.  Stand fast with Truth.  Let it bind every wound, cure every ill, correct every misconception.  It is your divine right to be transformed by Truth.  Accept it and be free.

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