Culturing our Divine Consciousness

The first step toward culturing your Christ or Divine Consciousness is to realize that it is your true consciousness, the consciousness Being has bestowed upon you.

The second is to recognize and accept that you have never lost touch with your Divine Christ Consciousness, that it lives and breathes within you still.

Then you can trust that this Christhood is available to you and that it is possible for you to regain your recognition of it, that you can awaken to the reality of its presence within you, opening to the promise of this divine presence.

Then turn within to the realm of this promise, intending to reconnect with it, to reconnect with your true consciousness, your pure divine consciousness, the state of your being that has never lost sight of any part of itself or believed for a moment that it was less than it is. 

Turn within, seeking the Light of your divine consciousness, willingly and courageously surrendering as it begins to flood you with otherworldly visions and ideas, acknowledging the validity of these visions and ideas, yielding as they dissolve the veils that seem to have formed over your spiritual eyes.

Allow the Light of Truth from which these visions and ideas have sprung to transform the mortal picture show currently engaging your attention and your life.

Trust that this Light will continue to appear, that even if it fades for a time it will come back, as it cannot help but express what it is, what you are.  Trust that you will recognize it when it comes, letting it fill the dark corners of your consciousness with its Divine Light.  Trust and accept that you have never really been cut off from it, that it has never been extinguished, distorted or reduced by any of your mortal dreams.  Trust that it can and will reveal itself, lighting the entirety of your consciousness, restoring it to its angelic christly form. 

Accept that you are destined to realize the full spectrum of this Light, that you are destined to become consciously conscious again, aware of the Truth, the whole Truth, demonstrating this Truth in your life.

Accept that in this fully awakened state of divine transparency the Light of Truth is beaming from your countenance, radiating like a star, that you are, in truth, a star, the shining star of the East ever pointing to the Christ.

Accept that, in truth, you are The Christ.

The following suggestions are offered to support your inward journey:

Whenever possible quiet your mind, heart and body.

Move inward, consciously seeking the Light of your divine Christ Consciousness, trusting that it lives within you, that it is shinning within your divine core.

Intend to move deeply enough into your core to find it, that you can and will reengage the Light, accessing its knowledge and power.

Claim that you will be shown the way, that the Light pouring from your Christ consciousness will guide you, that it is guiding you now.

Then let it guide you.  Let it carry you deeper and deeper toward the core of your being, waking you every step of the way.

Open your mind and heart to the view of life it is revealing.  Acknowledge and accept the deeper truths breaking forth in your consciousness, surrendering to these truths, allowing them to alter the way you perceive yourself and the world. 

Let this perception transform your understanding, altering you, altering the way you live your life, making it more reflective of your essential divinity.

Let the joy that reigns within your divine selfhood reign without.  Let it flow through your body until every cell is vibrating with its sound, until every cell is privy to its wholeness. 

Celebrate this wholeness.

Go through your day consciously operating from core, letting the Christ within determine your choices and actions.  If you should happen to lose touch for a moment, reconnect.

Express your Christ like essence in all that you do.  Live from core.  Be the angel you were created to be.  Be the Christ to yourself and all.

Stay awake.  Uphold the Truth, regardless of the mortal picture presenting itself to you.  Stay consciously conscious, letting Truth transform the picture, willingly allowing its higher presentation of reality to dissolve the distortions, each distortion dissolving as its lit by the Light.

Embrace the Truth.  Embrace this higher understanding of you and all.  Accept that at core all are fully conscious, divine, saintly, whole.  Accept that at core all are Divine, all are the Christ.