upcoming workshops:


Sunday, July 22, 2018

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

San Diego, California

Love’s Call

July, 2018

12:00 noon to 2:30 p.m.

San Diego, California

By request we are offering an exercise given out at a recent workshop.

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Culturing our Divine Consciousness    

If you are interested in attending a workshop in the San Diego area or having

Marya Brunson give a lecture or workshop in your area please contact: publisher@lotusblossombooks.com

Reviews of prior workshops

Attending Marya Brunson’s workshops has changed my life for the better, freeing me from a tendency to react to my problems and others in negative way.   By giving me a deeper, more spiritual, understanding of life, the workshops have helped me put things in perspective, which has given me a greater sense of calm and peace.

Lori Hale

San Diego, California

Marya Brunson’s book and classes are wonderfully inspirational.  But, perhaps more importantly, they have given those of us attending her workshops methods for pursuing higher consciousness, and how applying these methods through the exercises she provides helps us to live our lives from its higher standpoint.  You will find, if you decide to attend her workshops, that they will have a positive effect on your daily life.

Judy Cohan

Rancho Santa Fe, California

Thank you for the guided meditation on “Awakening to the Light Within” I received at your workshop.  I start my day with it and it fills my being with light, life, energy and inspiration.  Thank you.  Love, Kathleen

Kathleen Knight

Houston, Texas

It was a delight that you came and visited us.  Your talk really hit the spot.  There has been a lot of discussion about your talk and its meaning to those who took it deep into their being.  I for one will be putting your suggestions into action.  We hope to have you back in the not too distant future.

Reverend Alfred Johnson

Minister, Unity Church of Temecula Valley

Temecula, California

Marya Brunson brought light and joy to our church in a unique and  wonderful way.  Through her Sunday service message, entitled The Angel Within, and her subsequent workshop on Experiencing the Presence of Divine Love, she shared not only the possibility but the certainty that the Eternal Spirit of love and life lives within each one of us. All we need to do is affirm that truth and be open to its full expression through us.  She moved us to a beautiful place of surrender to Spirit.  Her message reflects the oneness of all and that when we are centered in Spirit, we experience no separation from any form of life.

I trust that Marya will get to share her message with other Unity Churches and truth centers everywhere.  It is a warm, loving and dynamic experience.

Our church loved her and her message.

Jerry Roberts, Minister

Unity Circle of Light

The Woodlands, Texas