Alarming news has sent Jamie into a tailspin.  His older brother, the brother he loves and adores, is lying unconscious in the hospital, fighting for his life.  Wanting desperately to wake him the way the Holy Ones woke Tom when he was bleeding to death on the floor of the Crystal Chamber, Jamie and his friends, Tom and Lily Ann, reach out to the loving Light who took them to the Holy One’s planet last year, hoping it will take them back. Answering their call, the Light does take them back, but not to the Holy Ones, for they have moved on to higher realms. Instead, it sets them on a journey to the eastern mountains, where other spiritual masters have offered to help them wake Jamie’s brother.

High adventure, countless challenges and unexpected blessings greet the children as they learn to adapt to the land’s mystical landscape and the highly evolved beings who populate most of that landscape. 

Join them as they encounter magical gardens, scary lanes, transformative purple pools, quaint towns, villages, cities and the rugged eastern mountains where the Wise Ones help seekers discover the great truths that live within them—truths that have the power to help Jamie, Tom and Lily Ann heal themselves, the land and Jamie’s brother.