Consciousness - Awakening to our Divine Potential is an invitation to discover and explore the deeper levels of our being, finding in these levels the answers to the problems that challenge our lives. It shows how tapping into these deeper states broadens our awareness and how this impacts every aspect of our being and experience, improving both in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

The book asks: “What could affect us more profoundly than altering the state of our conscious awareness, becoming consciously conscious, cognizant of the laws, orders and rules that govern life at its deepest levels, mindful of that which produces prosperity, health and peace?”

It presents an inspiring journey toward enlightenment, offering a number of practical techniques and healing flows to make our way smoother and more enjoyable. 

Its views are universal, not confined to a specific religion or philosophy.  Regardless of your background, we believe this book will speak to you, naturally bringing you to higher ground.  It is the hope of the author’s heart that you will find the journey through its chapters to be a meaningful one and that working with its ideas and techniques will prove to be an uplifting spiritual experience.


This profound writing touches deeply into the listening soul to identify, build and align with true spiritual Consciousness. It teaches the method of destroying pernicious thoughts to effect more harmonious life experiences for individuals, communities and the larger universal embrace.

Linn Moffett

Laguna, California