The Light of Rigel

The Light of Rigel is a spiritually rich fantasy that follows the adventures of eleven year old Jamie and his friends, Tom and Lily Ann.  The adventure begins the day Jamie is visited by a mysterious peaceful loving Light whose presence makes him feel more amazing than he has ever felt before.

When the Light disappears, he is desperate to find it again, searching day and night for a way to bring it back.  When Jamie least expects it, the Light returns, offering to transport him and his friends to an Earth-like planet orbiting the star of Rigel in the Orion system.  Excited to explore a brand new world, the children accept the Light’s invitation, traveling through outer-space in a way not yet known to the peoples of Earth.

After the children learn that the Light has brought them to the Rigelian planet to restore Rigel’s light to a land cursed to live in darkness for over a thousand years, their adventure soars to new heights.  Join Jamie, Tom and Lily Ann as they embark on a quest to break the evil curse.  Enter the dark forest.  Meet the strange fascinating and, sometimes, deadly creatures who live there.  Face dangers and battle dark forces.  Walk the blue road to the Temple of Menas where timeless secrets written on sacred scrolls are kept under lock and key.  Find out how these secrets change the course of the land and the lives of Jamie, Tom and Lily Ann forever.